Every Supa Door is built to order. This allows you to have a door YOU design, not one that the manufacturer dictates. A door that is constructed in an architecturally correct manner, built by hand using sophisticated machinery in quick lead times.

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Supa Doors

Product Details

Product Reliability: Supa Doors Inc. has been manufacturing solid MDF doors for 20 years, making them one of the most field-tested MDF doors in the world. They use the highest quality double-refined material and each door is hand-checked before shipping. All are made in the USA.

Lifetime Warranty: With 20 years and over a million doors of experience, they are confident your MDF doors will stand the test of time.

Commercial & Hotel Applicability: Aside from single family residences, Supa Doors are ideal for hotel, resorts, assisted living, religious, historic preservation, large-scale residential, and specialty projects. Supa Doors has a rich history in creating stylish doors at competitive prices.

Environmental Sustainability: MDF is, at its core, recycled wood. We use 100% recycled wood fiber. They use low VOC primer and glue, and offer No Added Formaldehyde (NAUF) and FSC® Certified material. All Supa Doors have been tested to minimize noise.

Patented Technology: Supa Doors are manufactured to a patented stile and rail laminated process to ensure no weak joints. Blending a traditional stile and rail door with modern manufacturing method of laminated construction, provides several advantages including interlocking wood edges.

Product Features
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