ACM Duration Moulding Factory Tour

Our sales team recently had the privilege of touring Duration Moulding & Millwork in Hamilton, New Jersey, and we were thoroughly impressed. The range of products they offer is remarkable, spanning from intricate CNC designs to extensive bevel siding and even replica historic pieces. What's truly impressive is their capability to incorporate structural steel and aluminum into their creations for added support, such as brackets, balusters, railing, radius work, and columns. They approach projects with a can-do attitude, rarely turning down challenges. Additionally, their material of choice, Poly Ash, is a game-changer. Combining the best features of natural wood, PVC, fiber cement, and engineered wood, Poly Ash offers the aesthetics of real wood with the stability and durability of top-tier composites. It's no wonder their facility is worth checking out - the pictures speak for themselves.