SBC Shingles

SBC shingles are timeless and distinctive and can be customized to suit your specific needs and vision for your home. Even after 25 years, they are still innovating in terms of colors, finishes, durability, and ease of installation.

In line with their 100% recovery, no waste policy, SBC shingles provide high-quality mulch for gardens, and wood fiber for playgrounds – so you can feel extra good about using these superior shingles!  



SBC White Cedar Shingle Siding

Product Details

SBC shingles’ superior manufacturing and finishing techniques, along with the natural protective tannins and oils in the white cedar they use, ensures both beauty and durability. Your roof will keep its old-world charm for many years, as these shingles are designed to age gracefully! 

SBC shingles come in an almost unlimited choice of colors and finishes to complement any building style. Precision-cutting of each shingle ensures easy, quick installation.

Even better, the wood used comes mainly from certified forests and is processed in eco-friendly, 100% integrated factories. Choosing SBC shingles helps to build a greener future! 

Product Features
  • Natural resistance to decay and insect damage
  • Durability 
  • Environmentally-friendly production
  • Shims and utility shingles
  • Recovery-focused, no-waste ethos
  • Precision-cut = quick, hassle-free installation
SBC Cedar White Cedar Shingle Installation Guide.pdf

SBC Enviro Bleach Weathered Shingles

Product Details

The gentle charm of naturally-aged cedar shingles adds character and beauty to any house. But did you know this weathering process can be given a jump-start? SBC shingles’ exclusive Enviro Bleach is a cutting-edge hybrid stain developed ten years ago. It gives the shingle all the protection of oil-based weathering agents, with all the green benefits of a water-based product. 

Product Features
  • Natural weathered look after just months of exposure
  • Protected from blue stain, fungi, and mildew
  • Meet the strictest VOC rules
  • Manufactured with high-temperature processing 
  • Cut wider for faster installation
  • No defects on exposed surfaces
SBC Shingle Warranty Guide.pdf
How to maintain your SBC shingles - Guide.pdf

SBC Designer Speciality Shaped Shingles

Product Details

These factory-finished designer-shape shingles add a unique touch to any home, gable, or dormer. Bring your project to life by giving it that enviable ‘extra’ dimension!

Cut to equal widths, each shingle is sanded at the base using a unique technique. These beautiful designer-shape SBC shingles come in beautiful designs - diamond, fish scale, arrow, octagonal, hexagonal, diagonal, square, and round. Or if you want something really special, custom-made designs can be crafted just for you!  

Product Features
  • Quick to install and cost-effective 
  • 18 gorgeous stock colors available
  • Create your own custom shingle design
  • Tough and durable  
How to maintain your SBC shingles - Guide.pdf

Product Details

SBC factory-treated cedar shingles provide you with an almost limitless color choice and can be tailored to complement any building style. A variety of different high-quality finishes give these shingles durability and beauty. 

Each manufacturing step takes place in an SBC-controlled environment. These shingles are manufactured in a kiln-dried dehumidification process, which makes them less brittle and less prone to cracking. Naturally, factory-finished SBC shingles can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Product Features
  • Quick and easy installation system
  • Touch-up kits available 
  • Backed by SBC’s Peace of Mind warranty 
  • Each shingle graded on both faces
  • Unique dipping process means more stain below the 5’’ exposure line
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SBC Cedar Shingles In Stock Product Guide.pdf
SBC Installation Tool Guide.pdf
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