The Kebony Deck Board is the most versatile wood decking profile on the market. We’ve engineered a profile that can be fastened in four different ways, making it easy to secure your surface decking according to your needs without added milling or lead time. Whether you want to fasten through the face of the board, plug, use hidden fasteners or the patented Step-Clip™ for Kebony system, the Kebony Deck Board is ready to go.

Kebony is a low maintenance wood that does not require any additional treatment beyond normal cleaning. Removal of dirt, sand and other particles is simply done with a brush and water.

High Resistance
Kebony is highly resistant to decay, fungi, insects and other wood-destroying microorganisms. That's why we are able to offer an outdoor lifetime warranty against rot for 30 years for all Kebony products in above-ground usage.

Safe & Toxin-Free
Kebony is not toxic to humans or the environment, neither in use nor at the end of it's life cycle. That's why Kebony is often selected for applications such as kindergarten as children will have direct contact with the wood. The wood does not splinter and contains toxins or chemicals.

Waste from Kebony boards can be disposed of and recycled in the same manner as untreated wood. Kebony can be burnt like untreated wood, and will not release any other components than those released when burning untreated wood.

Kebony wood has no harmful effects on the environment. Production of Kebony is based on a liquid extracted from bio-waste and our factory produces to the most environmentally friendly standards.

Sustainable Resources
The raw materials for Kebony are acquired from commercially managed forests with large timber harvests. All our suppliers hold certificates guaranteeing the origin of their timber.

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