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TruExterior Siding & Trim

The exquisite range of sustainable TruExterior products has been developed over six years with rigorous internal and third-party testing. They are made with more than 70% of recycled materials, making them a market leader in environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The unique chemistry of their beautiful products makes them moisture-resistant, long-lasting, and ideal for outdoor use – which is why we at American Cedar & Millwork highly recommend their products to our valued customers! 



Cedar Siding

Product Details

Aesthetically, TruExterior Cedar Siding is in a class of its own, giving builders the confidence to use it in the construction of the most beautiful homes.

Its water-resistant properties make it ideal for applications that have ground or masonry contact, while reduced levels of expansion and contraction ensure high levels of dimensional stability in any application.

Product Features
  • Extremely durable outdoor siding material.
  • Easy to use with remarkable levels of workability.  
  • Toughness ensures that it looks great for years to come. 
  • Sustainable products made with 70% recycled materials.
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Channel Siding

Product Details

Boral TruExterior’s channel siding is subjected to six years of rigorous testing, meaning builders can use it with total confidence! Its poly-ash structure ensures extreme durability even in severe climates, and it comes with a 20-year limited warranty. Reversible 11/16 inch x 7-1/2 inch x 16 feet panels come with either a smooth or wood grain texture to help you achieve your vision for your home.

Product Features
  • High workability means it can be installed with standard woodworking tools and methods.
  • Contains 70% recycled material.
  • Can be painted with exterior latex paint in any color required. 
  • It is resistant to splitting, cracking, and rotting. 
  • Virtually immune to termites, therefore suitable for ground contact applications. 
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Product Details

No other exterior siding products really compare with TruExterior Trim! It is not just versatile, authentic, and reliable, but it delivers both beauty and durable performance. 

Tough enough to stand up to extreme weather, ground contact, and damage from insects. It is pre-primed, so can be painted or stained to achieve the stunning curb appeal that homeowners want. 

Product Features
  • TruExterior Trim will outlast traditional wood.
  • Can be cut, mitered, routed, milled, or glued, with no sealing needed.
  • Impressive versatility means you can create whatever custom look you desire.
  • Superior workability compared to wood, engineered wood trim, and fiber cement.
  • Can be installed with standard woodworking methods and tools.
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Boral Beadboard

Product Details

Boral TruExterior ® Beadboard offers outstanding performance, workability, and durability. It has the traditional ‘wood look’ without any of the drawbacks - namely cupping, rotting, or warping. Its versatile tongue-and-groove installation ensures a clean look without visible fasteners making it ideal for decorative wall applications, soffits, and porch ceilings.

Its minimum 70% recycled content makes it a sustainable product endorsed by the US Green Building Council, complete with Cradle to Cradle certification. Suitable for ground contact, window, and door applications, and comes in lengths up to 16' to reduce waste.

As a bonus, Boral TruExterior ® Beadboard doesn’t need priming, easily bonds with latex paint of any color, and cut ends don’t need sealing.

Product Features
  • Can be installed in either parallel or perpendicular directions.
  • Looks like a traditional wood beadboard, but offers better workability.
  • High level of dimensional stability means no additional backing is required.
  • Resistant to temperature, moisture, rot, and termites and carries a 20-year limited warranty.
  • Can be installed with standard tools using a wide variety of fasteners.
TruExterior Beadboard Brochure.pdf
Truexterior Beadboard Data Sheet.pdf
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