L.J. Smith Stair Systems

L.J. Smith is the largest stair parts manufacturing company in the country.

Thier continued growth over the past several decades is clearly a result of our leadership role in developing and taking to market new and innovative products & techniques. They have patents or patents pending on nearly two dozen products and processes as a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

Wood Baluster Stairs

Product Details

The vertical posts in a stair system, or Balusters, as they are commonly known, can be made from wood or iron.  Our wood balusters from L J Smith Stair Systems represent an excellent choice for your unique staircase.  There are 65 baluster styles available in wood.  You’ll find everything from a trimmed down square or round wooden baluster to a fancy and ornate baluster.  These can be made from 14 different wood species to your specifications. Look for different dimensions that are available… you’ll find varying widths and lengths in the product line.

Product Features
  • 65 Wooden Baluster Styles
  • Available in Different Widths and Lengths
  • Made from 14 Different Wood Species
  • Built to Add Natural Beauty to Your Home
LJ Smith Balustrade Installtion Guide.pdf

Iron Baluster Stairs

Product Details

L J Smith Stair Systems makes their iron balusters from “mild” steel, which is more durable than wrought iron.  Each baluster is hand-made for that custom look you want.  We have an incredible assortment of popular styles and something to fit your project!  Our balusters are available in solid or hollow styles.  You have a choice between fancy or plain balusters. And, we’re always adding new designs based on customer demand.  Color coordination is not a problem… we offer our iron balusters in eight powder-coated finishes.  American Cedar & Millwork is happy to represent the L J Smith Stair System line and the possibilities it brings to our customers.

Product Features
  • Solid and Hollow Styles
  • Plain or Fancy Designs
  • Made With “Mild” Steel For Strength
  • Eight Different Powder Coated Finishes
  • Hand Made to Fit Your Project
Iron Balusters Installation Instructions.pdf

Cable, Tube, and Panel Systems

Product Details

Our product line would not be complete if we didn’t carry cable, tube, and panel systems from L J Smith Stair Systems.  Sometimes a project calls for a stair system with more than iron or wooden balusters. We carry panel systems consisting of preassembled horizontal panels.  They are a favorite for easy installation.  Remember, though, that these panel systems are for indoor use only.  Cable Stair Systems are also easy to install and consist of horizontal cables as opposed to vertical balusters.  They are highly desirable for lasting beauty and low maintenance.  All of L J Smith Stair Systems, including our cable stair systems, are code compliant.

If you’re looking for something a bit different from the cable stair system, consider our tube stair system, with its modern look and easy installation. This system consists of horizontal tubes and can give just the right industrial look where needed.

Product Features

Panel System

  • Simple Installation
  • Preassembled Horizontal Panels
  • Interior Use Only

Cable System

  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple Installation
  • Code Compliant
  • Lasting Beauty

Tube System

  • Horizontal Tubes
  • Modern Look
  • Simple Installation
Linear+Collections+Brochure 2023.pdf
Linear Collection Cable Instructions.pdf
Linear Collection Metal Newels Cable Instructions.pdf
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