Whether builders and contractors are looking for the perfect finishing touch, or architects are looking for a decorative product to put in a spec, Fypon has the fit for you. Fypon polyurethane and PVC products are easy-to-install, low maintenance and designed to save money by reducing labor.

Fypon marries style and performance with one of the industry's largest product offerings and best customer service to give our customers a true competitive advantage.

Window and Door Trim

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Add beauty to your home inside and out with Fypon’s polyurethane trim. The right trim is what makes your windows and doors stand out.

The Fypon collection provides architecturally and historically accurate decorative millwork which adds a refined look to windows and doors no matter the style. We offer a number of trim work including:

  • Crossheads and pediments
  • Pilasters
  • Shutters
  • Board and Louvered Panels
  • Assorted Window and door trim

Your home windows and doors are not complete without elegant stylish trim. With smooth and timber profiles, Fypon’s window and door trim may be the final touch you’ve been looking for.


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No room is complete without the perfect moulding. Moulding provides the subtle detail that helps bring your rooms to life. 

From simple to ornate designs, Fypon’s mouldings are ideal for adding character to your home. With a range of styles, sizes and designs, you can find the perfect combination to bring out the true beauty of your home. Our Fypon collection includes:

  • Smooth flat trim
  • Wood-Grained Flat Trim
  • Crown E-Vent Systems
  • Assorted mouldings and accessories

The right moulding is the small detail that can take your home from looks great to perfect!

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Decorative Millwork

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Let your home’s architectural designs shine with the right millwork. Decorative millwork helps to refine the look of your home by giving it the right tone and balance.
Our Fypon collection is architecturally and historically accurate allowing for the perfect balance of design. We offer interior and exterior applications including:

  • Brackets, Corbels and Dentil Blocks
  • Knee Braces and Rafter Tails
  • Trellis Systems
  • Beams and Beam Mantels
  • Gable Pediments
  • Ceiling Medallions
  • Tile Vents

The right millwork can help shape how your design is perceived and the story it tells. With Fypon’s collection, we have the options to help perfect any style.

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Louvers & Gable Vents

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Gable and louver vents don’t have to just be functional. They can also be a beautiful complement to most architectural home styles. 

Our Fypon products are not only beautiful but are also low maintenance and easy to install. We offer decorative louvers that do not allow air to pass through as well as functional louvers with the added benefit of ventilation. 

Protect your home and add style with this stunning collection! And before you purchase your new louver don’t forget about the trim to go with it!

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Column Wraps

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Add an elegant finishing touch to your home with a column wrap. Column wraps are perfect for adding character to your home whether it is a brand new job or updating an outdated design.

With Fypon Column Wraps you not only get an impressive finishing touch on your home but they are also easy to install and can be installed over existing support systems. Our Fypon collection has all the styles you need to perfectly accent your home including:

  • Square woodgrain wraps
  • Tapered woodgrain wraps
  • Square smooth column wraps
  • Tapered smooth column wraps
  • Structured Porch Posts
  • Cap and Base Accessories

Functional, easy to install and elegant. Whether you’re looking to update or create something completely new, explore these column wrap designs and get ready to impress.  

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Rail Systems

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Who said function and safety can’t impress? Railing and balustrade systems are one of the first impressions of a home that most people don’t realize they are noticing. Make a good first impression with a beautiful one.

Our beautiful railing and balustrade systems from Fypon are durable, low maintenance, resistant to decay and come with simple step-by-step installation instructions. Here’s the railing and balustrade products we offer from Fypon:

  • Straight and stair rails kits
  • Gate kits
  • Post Kits
  • QuickPost Porch Posts
  • DuraPoly Porch Posts
  • Rail System Accessories

These durable products are products you can trust. Who knew making a great first impression could be so simple? 

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Balustrades, porch posts and columns

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Transform your porch, patio or balcony into an impressive outdoor living space. With the right balustrade systems, porch posts and/or columns you can create a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space. 

Adding the right column or post design can create an eye-catching accent for most home designs. Fypon’s products can help you create this beautiful space in your home projects with the durability you can trust. Fypon’s collection includes a variety of products and styles including:

  • Complete Balustrade Systems with varying styles
  • Structural Columns
  • Structural Porch Posts
  • Stone Balustrades
  • Stone Half-Round Columns

Every home has its own unique character and features so it’s important to find the right styles. Our collection has a variety of styles and parts to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your next home project.

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