Rogue Valley Door

Rogue Valley Door sources wood from Oregon’s fertile Rogue Valley and adds hand-crafted skill and style to create what may arguably be some of the best doors made anywhere in the world. 

Within walking distance of their manufacturing facility grows some of the world’s finest lumber, including the highest grade Douglas firs and Ponderosa pines. The wood from these fine trees is carefully kiln-dried to ensure an unparalleled quality and strength. These distinctive doors grace any home with a natural beauty that will last a lifetime.


Traditional Doors

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There’s nothing like the look of a traditional wooden door.  It sets off the entry to your new or remodeled home and creates the ultimate first impression for each person who enters. 


At Rogue Valley Door, we have traditional doors in many architectural styles. We are likely to have the perfect door for the entryway of your home.


You don’t need to sacrifice durability for elegance.  With Rogue Valley Door, you get both… with no need to compromise!  Whether you are searching for single or double-hung doors, take a look at the Rogue Valley Collection before starting or continuing your home project!

Product Features
  • Architectural Styles – Choose from a Variety 
  • First Impressions – Guaranteed to Wow Them!
  • Durable – Impact-Rated, Weather- Tested
  • Elegant – Traditional Good Looks!
  • Single or Double Hung – Both Options Available
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Urban Doors

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Suppose you love quality and craftsmanship but prefer a modern look over traditional styling. In that case, our collection of Urban Doors will please the best of City Dwellers!


With clean, geometric lines, these custom-designed doors are just what you’re looking for for a more industrial look.  They will bring a feeling of calm and tranquility to your urban environment.


At the same time, they are fire-rated and impact-rated and will stand up to the elements… Same outstanding construction, same excellent materials, and a whole new, modern industrial look and feel.

Product Features
  • Fire and Impact-Rated – Weather Tested
  • Modern, Industrial Look – Clean Geometric Lines
  • Custom Design – Made to Your Specifications
  • High-Quality Materials and Workmanship

French Doors

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If you’re looking for an elegant, double-door look, French doors from Rogue Valley are the answer. All of our doors are available as French doors. So, choosing your favorite or building something unique with your choice of wood and glass is just a matter of choosing your favorite. 


There are lots of wood and glass style options to choose from. We take pride in our French doors so that you can take pride in them too!


Create a great impression with doors that are as special as your home!

Product Features
  • Elegant – Double doors for a grand entrance
  • Options- Choose from Interior or Exterior Styles
  • Materials – Over 50 Species of Wood and Over 20 Glass Styles
  • Weather-Tested – Fire and Impact- Rated

Barn Doors

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Barn doors are booming in popularity! Rogue Valley barn doors look perfectly placed, whether we build them for your rustic living room or your contemporary office space.  They offer a unique contrast in modern areas and complete the look of your traditional rooms.


The space-saving qualities of barn doors give rooms a more extensive look.  Consider them when you need a stylish room divider.  Any of our Rogue Valley door styles can be designed for use as a barn door in your unique home.


Available in single-hung or double-hung styles, they’re not just for barns anymore!

Product Features
  • Rustic Look -Works in contemporary and traditional spaces
  • Space Saving – Nine feet less than conventional doors, use anywhere you need to save space
  • Versatility – Use for room dividers, double-hung, or single-hung doors
  • Complete Line – Any Rogue valley door can be used to create your barn door

Grooved Panel Doors

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Steeped in traditional good looks with a bit of flair, our grooved panel doors offer good looks that will stand the test of time.  We can build any door you need for your unique space… That’s the advantage you gain when choosing Rogue Valley Doors.


Count on our ability to apply outstanding craftsmanship to your new door, whatever style you select. Grooved Panel Doors give you the clean lines you’re looking for inside your home or in an exterior entryway.


You can choose from a selection of designs, the wood that you want, and a large selection of glass options.

Product Features
  • Custom Made – We can build any door you need!
  • Beautiful - Grooved wood panel inserts
  • Options – Available in Interior or Entryway Doors
  • Sustainable – Environmentally Sound

Decorative Doors

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The first time you see a Rogue Valley Door, it’s liable to take your breath away. Then, you will notice that the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into these doors are truly remarkable! The amazing thing is as well-crafted as they are, they are one of the top impact-rated doors as well. 


What does this mean? The doors will hold up to storm damage… heavy winds, rain, and flying debris.  They are weather-tested and built to stand up to bad weather.


The solid wood core protects the door's integrity. At the same time, impact glass and heavy-duty hinges add extra protection against the elements.

Product Features
  • Impact-rated – Weather -Tested
  • Superior Craftsmanship – Strong Wood Core
  • Made with Impact Glass – Available in many styles
  • Heavy Duty Hardware – Strong Hinges and Locks

Rouge Valley Doors

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Rogue Valley believes in precision and perfection. One look at their beaded panel doors belies handcrafted quality workmanship that is their hallmark. Rogue Valley beaded panel doors incorporate such details as ornate beaded or true v-groove panels, highlighting the natural luster of these fine wood doors and adding style and dimension to your home’s interior design.

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