UFP EDGE crafts innovative siding, pattern, and trim products for residential and commercial use. Their interior and exterior products are on-trend with a variety of finishes, colors, and textures that add charm, natural beauty, and protection to virtually any structure.  Workable lengths, factory-applied finishing, and end-matched boards make installation simple. 

Premium Patterns

The highest-grade lumber is used, free of wane and with only small, tight knots that highlight the warm characteristics of natural wood. Pieces are shaped and moulded using processes that protect the integrity of the wood and of the finished piece, including kiln drying to minimize swelling, warping and shrinkage.


Factory-applied machine coat primer covers all six sides of the board to ensure protection and long-term performance. Advanced prefinishing equipment enables coating a variety of substrates with unique finishes for nearly any interior or exterior application.

Domestic Manufacturing

Products are locally manufactured so they don’t sit in yards or distribution centers where they can be exposed to the elements and to the wear and tear of frequent transport.

Environmentally Conscious

Although wood is the world's most renewable resource, here are the ways they are working to reduce environmental impact:

  • Low volatile organic compound coatings
  • All-natural wood preservation (thermal modification)
  • Responsibly sourced and domestically manufacture
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