After more than 32 years in the woodworking business, Cobblestone Mill Woodworks Inc. has perfected the processes required to create the most beautiful shutter, doors, and blinds to your exacting standards.

Your Trusted Provider for Expertly Crafted Exterior Wood Products

Founded in 1989, Cobblestone Mill Woodworks, Inc. is a small family-owned business located in Ball Ground, Georgia. A wholesale manufacturer of quality exterior wood products with extraordinary woodworking proficiencies from a straightforward project to a detailed elaborate project.

Naturally: Wood

Their western red cedar is graded as A & BTR as defined by NLGA, R-LIST, and WRCLA. This ensures the practice of being environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable and is certified by the Western Wood Product Association (WWPA) and approved by the Board of Review of the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC).

What They Do

Beautiful custom work is made to fit your exact opening. We offer:

Exterior shutters and blinds

Combination doors

Storm doors

Screen doors

Café doors

Louvre doors

Gable vents

Whether you are restoring a historic building or designing your dream home, you have a vision of how you want it to look right down to the last detail. The right shutter or door can make all the difference when it comes to putting the final touches on that vision.

Finding just the right exterior shutters or blinds, doors, or gable vents to fit perfectly into an existing opening can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a restoration or construction project.

Their highly skilled craftsmen, together with precision equipment, are renowned for their ability to fabricate all sizes, shapes, and configurations.


Cobblestone Mill Woodworks Additional Benefits

Product Details

Cobblestone Mill can closely duplicate or reproduce historic and/or custom blinds and shutters, while using the highest quality standards in the industry today. They can manufacture any width, length, height, or thickness, using any species that will fit your project needs.

Product Features

Shutters and Blinds

Product Details

Cobblestone Mill Woodworks prides itself on its high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. Their shutters and blinds are made with beauty and durability in mind. Whether it is a straightforward or elaborate project, they understand you want a quality product with extraordinary proficiencies.

Let’s take a look at the shutter and blind styles they offer:

  • Wood Louver Blinds
  • Wood Bahama Shutters
  • Wood Panel Shutters
  • Wood Board and Batten Shutter
  • Gable Vents
  • Custom Shutters

Their shutters and blinds come in various styles, materials and finishes to best fit your needs. Looking for something economical? How about something unlike anything anyone else has ever seen? What about a maintenance-free product? 

Cobblestone Mill Woodworks offers a variety of materials including:

  • Red Cedar for excellent quality and outstanding durability
  • Pine / Spruce for cost conscious customers
  • “No Rot” Acrylic Polymer products for the look of wood but more durable and affordable

Whether you’re looking for a historic reproduction, custom designs or just high-quality materials, Cobblestone Mill Woodworks’ collection of blinds and shutters has you covered. 

Product Features

Interior and Exterior Doors

Product Details

Cobblestone Mill’s expertise and expert craftsmanship doesn’t end with shutters and blinds. They offer an extensive selection of skillfully crafted interior and exterior doors. When one views their doors, they’ll know they were designed with superior craftsmanship and convenience in mind.

Here’s the quality door styles they offer:

  • Wood screen doors
  • Wood Storm Doors
  • Combination storm and screen doors
  • Wood Glass Doors
  • Cafe Doors
  • Louvre Doors
  • Custom Doors

Cobblestone Mill Woodworks’ doors are innovatively designed for quality and functionality. These doors are available in a number of styles, finishes and unique custom designs of your choosing. Additionally, every wood product can be coated with Cobblestone Mill Woodworks’ special BLUWOOD coating that protects wood from rot, fungi and insects. 

Product Features
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