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From measuring and design to the final finishing touches, Plain & Fancy cabinets couple superb hand craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology for unbelievable resultsCombined with a virtually infinite number of materials, colors, and styles, it’s never been easier to create a look that is uniquely you 


Every Plain & Fancy cabinet and door is custom built by skilled craftsmen, with each component meticulously sanded by hand. And unlike other manufacturers, each piece is individually finished for a long-lasting, beautiful result. 


With cabinets, details are everything – which is why Plain & Fancy clients work with their very own designerwho will offer expert advice on making the most out of all available space, while ticking all your décor and lifestyle boxes. Part of this process involves careful and painstaking measurements by Plain & Fancy’s engineering team, so you can rest assured that every last tiny detail is perfect     


Frameless cabinets are assembled using modern European construction, while finished parts such as front frames and sides are assembled by hand using traditional furniture assembly techniques.  


Plain & Fancy cabinets come in both framed and unframed constructions:


Framed Cabinets: 


As the name suggests, framed cabinets include a strong, solid frame between the door and cabinet box. This is a good option for kitchens, which tend to have lots of overhead space available, and where a particularly tough, hardy construction is preferred. (Kitchen cabinets tend to get a lot more exercise than those in other rooms!) 


Plain & Fancy uses tried and tested mortise and tenon construction, which promotes a strong build that will stand up to heavy use. Framed cabinets are available in various subcategories, but the most popular are inset and full-overlay designs. 

  • Inset cabinet doors fit flush against the cabinet when closed, but are set inside the cabinet’s frame. These are a great option for more traditional décor styles.   
  • Full overlay cabinet doors also provide a smooth look when closed, but do so by completely covering the cabinet’s face. 


Frameless Cabinets 


Because they maximise on storage space, frameless cabinets are the perfect solutions for smaller spaces and apartments. By eliminating the face frame, they maximise accessibility while creating more drawer or storage volume. They also lend a sleeker, more modern appearance which many find appealing. Frameless cabinets are typically combined with a full-overlay construction.  

Cabinet Doors: 


Classic or contemporary, Plain & Fancy will help you select cabinet doors that merge functionality with a style you’ll love for years to come. Overlay, inset, mullioned, and special custom doors with unique panel inserts available.  


Product Features: 

  • Engineering team to ensure all pieces fit perfectly 

  • Functional storage options like pullouts, bins, lazy Susans 

  • Framed, frameless, inset and full-overlay options  

  • Customize your cabinets with LED lightingrollout shelves and more 

Plain & Fancy Kitchens


Product Details 

Nowhere does great cabinetry make more of an impact than in the kitchen! In a busy home, your kitchen cabinets get a real workout every single mealtime – which is why all Plain & Fancy kitchens are built to last.  


We all know that as the heart of the home, people have very strong feelings about what their kitchen should look like. Some want a rustic, homely feel that draws the family in, while others want a sleek, sophisticated, and modern kitchen that’s a joy to cook and entertain in.  


Whatever your preference, Plain & Fancy Kitchens can help you turn your vision for that dream kitchen into a reality!    


Product Features: 

  • Base, wall, and pantry cabinets to choose from  

  • Soft-close hinges – no more slamming doors! 

  • Plain & Fancy kitchen cabinets are the simplest way to modernize and update your kitchen 

  • Expand your existing cabinets, or start fresh with a full kitchen remodel   

  • Framed or frameless, inset or full-overlay designs to choose from 


Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinets


Product Details 

Of course, what’s inside your cabinets is just as important as what they look like on the outside. That’s why Plain & Fancy specializes in quality custom cabinetry made especially for you.  


LED lighting has become an extremely popular feature in modern cabinets, whether purely functional, or combined with mullioned glass doors to highlight and show off your favorite treasures. LED installations are completed at our factory, so your cabinets arrive ready to go.  


Soft close doors and drawers, functional storage like lazy Susansrollout shelves, dividers, pantry solutions, pullouts, corner options, and waste baskets are just some of the custom features we can create for you. Turn your unique dreams and desires for your home into reality 


Product Features: 

  • Create your own one-of-a-kind design 

  • Cabinetproudly finished by hand, one by one  

  • Literally hundreds of different styles and finishes available 

  • Add exciting LED lighting and interior conveniences     

  • Customize your cabinets to fit your lifestyle, furniture, and appliances  


Plain & Fancy Hinges


Product Details 


While they don’t get as much attention as other components, quality cabinet hinges are what turns a good cabinet into a great one! Plain & Fancy therefore recommends soft-close technology hinges from Blum, which make slamming doors a thing of the past. 


Ultra-discreet, soft-close hinges create a fluid movement when you shut drawers or doors — no matter their size or weight. This means that drawers and doors shut with almost no sound, even if you close them with a bit too much force, or just let them drop back into place.  


Product Features: 

  • Industry-leading soft-close BLUMOTION hinges from Blum 

  • TIP-ON technology for the smoothest operating cabinets out there  



Plain and Fancy Homemade Cabinets

Product Details

Our family-owned company has been handcrafting cabinetry in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country for more than 45 years with time-tested construction methods. Plain And Fancy’s craftsmen bring your designs to life the old fashioned way with mortise and tenon joinery, dovetailed drawer boxes, and fine furniture-making methodology.

From classic to contemporary and everything in between, we're going to create a room that is uniquely yours. To ensure that happens, our designers will help you choose options for all the finer details to create a signature look. Share your dreams with us and we will handcraft them into reality for you.

Product Features
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