LP SmartSide is Baltimore's Smartest Siding Option

When it comes to new siding installation, Baltimore homeowners have some impressive composite siding options to choose from—But here is why the smartest option is LP SmartSide.

A home's style, design elements, and the overall character of the neighborhood might determine which siding style fits your home the best, while considering strength and durability. For homeowners planning to redesign the outside of their home, American Cedar & Millwork is here to tell you about LP SmartSide and what it brings to your home’s style.

LP SmartSide Siding is durable and easy to apply. Baltimore homeowners choose it because it’s one of the most impressive options available—with superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungus, termites, or anything else Mother Nature has to throw at it. Check below for some examples of how LP SmartSide's design variety might be exactly what you need to get the creative juices flowing, while gaining some inspiration for the next big home project.


LP bungelow

Homes with the Craftsman Bungalow style feature low-pitched, gabled roofs, and prominent front porches. The intricate woodwork and handmade details makes the Craftsman Bungalow style the perfect theme for homes with darker features.



The Modern Farmhouse style places the focus primarily on its functionality. When rustic meets refined, this style makes for the perfect blend of versatility. The versatile style of these designed homes function well with defined formal, and any casually-informal space.



When it comes to the Updated Ranch-themed homes, an open style is the key feature that complements single-story floor plans the best. With sliding glass doors, low rooflines, and attached front garages, this open style brings warm and welcoming character.

Homeowners in Baltimore look to the professionals at American Cedar & Millwork when they need a brand they can trust. With these inspiring home styles by LP SmartSide becoming more and more popular in Baltimore, don't be surprised to hear about LP's siding materials at the next neighborhood barbecue. When it comes to Baltimore home remodeling, LP SmartSide siding leaves homeowners happy about their project. When it comes to quality products and outstanding customer service, or even if you have questions about how else the team at American Cedar & Millwork can service you, click here.