Spring… Home Remodeling?

Why limit the beginning of Spring to just cleaning the house, why not go through with an entire home remodeling project?

This April, the team at American Cedar & Millwork is encouraging Baltimore homeowners to go beyond their typical Spring cleaning routine, and go for an entire home remodeling. Marvin Windows and Doors is one of our most trusted brands, and design some of Baltimore's best window and door replacement options. With such great products and designs available, homeowners are always looking forward to their next big home improvement project.

When it comes to Baltimore window and door replacement projects, high quality products are a must-have. Any project involving Marvin windows in Baltimore brings an impressive upgrade--especially to older Baltimore row houses.

Many of the older row houses in Baltimore could use upgrades to their windows and doors; whether the windows are warped, damaged, or broken beyond repair. If they fog up, cause a draft, stick when trying to operate, or if they don't even stay open at all--it might be time for a window replacement. The same can be said about your doors--if they're weathered, warped, cracked, or if they are rusted, let in a draft, or if they’re hard to open, its time for a new door.

Baltimore homeowners shouldn't have to battle it out through another freezing winter or another humid Maryland Summer. A well-done Spring home remodel could be the perfect way to compliment the overall Spring cleaning, while setting the home up for any kind of weather homeowners in Baltimore will endure throughout the year.


The Marvin Ultimate Single Hung window combines state-of-the-art window design with classic style. A single hung window features a fixed top sash, and a movable bottom sash with the look of a traditional double hung window. Advanced engineering and the high-quality construction make our single hung windows incredibly durable, versatile and easy to use.

marvin single hung

  • Single hung windows are built exactly like double hung windows, but the top sash remains stationary
  • Available in Wood Ultimate Single Hung, Clad Ultimate Single Hung Next Generation, and Wood Ultimate Double Hung Magnum sizes.
  • Field application kit available

Also check out The Marvin Contemporary Door. This in-swing/out-swing design is the modern option homeowners love. With a clean, uncluttered, narrow appearance, and rails are made with more glass, which welcomes in more light and more of the outdoors. The unique, concealed multi-point lock creates an attractive finished look and adjustable hinges will keep door operating smoothly.

marvin swinging door

  • Multi-point locking system on the active panel
  • Head and foot bolts on inactive panel
  • Beige sill; bronze sill optional, oak sill liner optional

This Spring, when you feel like going all-out on your Spring cleaning AND remodeling, Marvin will be ready with your replacement windows and doors. The typical Spring cleaning might be necessary, but get your home ready for Spring with an all-new home remodeling. Combine that with honest and trustworthy customer service, and your home should be able to take on whatever crazy weather Mother Nature has to throw at us. For more options to upgrade your home, click here!