Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry

When you look at what’s hot in kitchen cabinetry this year, you will find quite a bit more color. New materials and superior finishes set these kitchens apart from yesterday’s look. These aren’t your grandma’s cabinets!

Popular Colors for Your Cabinetry

After years of looking at the same wooden cabinets… usually builders grade, the tides have turned, and the colors are coming out. White cabinets remain popular for a crisp, clean look, but neutral colors are also making a splash. Beige and gray are lovely neutral colors and give the kitchen a classy look.

You may want to go a little bolder and aim for two-tone cabinetry in the kitchen. Bold blue, light blue, dark green… any intense accent color will give the room a unique, updated look. You might work in some contrast between the kitchen islands and the perimeter cabinets. You can do the island cabinets one color and the perimeter cabinets a complementary shade or color. The beauty of this new trend is your ability to personalize your look. There aren’t any fast and hard color rules. Have fun with it!

Finishes on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Gone are the days of shiny finishes. Today’s cabinets boast a matte finish and are practical as well as beautiful. No matter what color scheme you choose, a matte finish will wear better and keep fingerprints from showing on the cabinets. 

Cabinets or Shelves… Or Both?

Many homeowners opt for an open feel to the kitchen. One of the best ways to create this airy sensation is to work shelves into your kitchen design. You can replace cabinets with shelves. If you like the idea, try doing a hybrid kitchen that includes both cabinets AND shelves.

One way to get that open feel without shelves is to have cabinets and leave the doors off. This way, you have the extra storage capacity that a cabinet would provide. Still, the open front shows off your kitchen contents.
If this all sounds too avant-garde and a little too rustic for you, the perfect compromise would be glass front cabinets. Less rustic and more classic looking, but still providing the openness for which you’re looking.

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