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I’ve never done a kitchen remodel.  Where do I start?

American Cedar and Millwork has designers on staff whose sole job is to walk you through your project and design a kitchen, bath, or closet that meets your needs. We make it easy for you.

Can you do custom colors on cabinetry?

Yes. Our cabinet manufacturers do a great job of taking your color sample to create the shade you desire for your cabinetry. Once the matching process is complete they send a door sample to bring the vision to life.

Will you come to my home to take measurements for my cabinets?

Yes, we come out to you to take measurements for every cabinetry we work on. We are proactive in making sure we get accurate measurements and account for any challenges or needs of your space to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What’s the advantage of buying cabinetry from you as opposed to buying cabinetry from a big box retail store?

We can’t speak for big box stores, but we can guarantee we only sell high quality cabinetry and countertops. In addition, we don’t just sell you pieces. We work with you to figure out your style and design needs. We measure your space and design cabinetry to your specifications. Our experienced designers pay attention to even the tiniest details and proactively ensure your job meets and exceeds your expectations. In the end, we’re not just selling cabinets. We’re delivering a dream project that matches your personality and lifestyle.

Do you stock cabinets?

No. Every cabinet order is custom created to the specifications of each job. We work with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery to our warehouse and then to you.


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