Celebrating Arbor Day

Building a Sustainable House

In honor of Earth Day, April 22nd,  following is some helpful information on building and living sustainable so we and the planet can thrive.

These tips on how to build a sustainable house will guide you in reducing waste and improving energy and water efficiency over the lifespan of the home. Building sustainable house features from the start will pay off in the long run.

1. Consider passive solar design.

UNC Study Center - Chapel Hill, NC

This charming Southern Belle is the home of the North Carolina Study Center on the campus of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill at 203 Battle Lane.  A 180-year-old historic home built circa 1836, it is known as the “Battle House” after UNC professor William Battle and his family who occupied the home in late 1844.  Since its beginning, the home has been extensively renovated throughout history.

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Organic Warmth. Understated Opulence.

Rocky Mountain Hardware products possess an innate warmth and richness characteristic of only the finest organic materials. The premium quality bronze used to handcraft the hardware and accessories gives off a welcoming presence that can be seen and felt in every piece they produce.

Kitchen & Bath Hardware

As some of the most used spaces in your home, the Kitchen and Bath deserve high quality and long-lasting accents. Rocky Mountain Hardware offers a wide variety of artisan-grade bronze kitchen and bath hardware, fixtures, and accessories. From sink basins to faucets, rods, racks, and even backsplash tiles create a cohesive and timeless look throughout your project.

Window Hardware

Curate the perfect window hardware for your home with Rocky Mountain Hardware’s selection of lifts, locks, cranks, fasteners, adjusters, and more. These pieces start as functional accents, but also provide enduring beauty in your home or space. Offered in an array of bronze finishes to create continuity throughout your entire project.

Cabinet Hardware

Complete your project with Rocky Mountain Hardware’s inspired selection of luxury cabinet hardware. High end cabinet hardware includes fancy cabinet knobs, luxury cabinet pulls, hinges, latches, roses, as well as appliance pulls. Find the perfect combination of form and function for your kitchen, bath, bedroom, and more.

Door Hardware

Add style and function to your home project with Rocky Mountain Hardware’s selection of luxury door handles, luxury doorknobs, and luxury door hardware including door sets, door locks, and door accessories. High end door hardware from escutcheons to deadbolts to electronic locks, they offer enduring beauty and security for your home or project.