Architectural Covenants and Historic Window Replacement

Falling in love with a Historic Home is easy. The character, period architecture, and embellishments all add to the charm. But what about when it’s time to replace those historic windows?  This is where it gets a little more complicated. Unless that is, you know a window company that specializes in historic window restoration and replacement. We’ve got someone in mind for you!

Marvin Historical Windows


At American Cedar and Millwork, we pride ourselves in helping contractors with the window restoration and window replacement on their client’s historic homes. We carry Marvin windows, and this brand is quite impressive when it comes to replacing your beautiful historic home’s windows. They take the guesswork out of historic windows and make replacing them a breeze!

Architectural Covenants


Architectural covenants may determine what types of windows are acceptable with many older homes when you hire a contractor to replace current windows in your home located in the historic district. Homeowners will find these covenants in the homeowner's association policy as a guide to incoming homeowners. These covenants will specify what can and can’t be done to a home to maintain its historical design.

The covenants will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Still, they will contain information on what paint colors can be used, landscaping policies, and, for this discussion, the style of windows and doors that may be installed in the home.

First Steps to Historic Window Replacement


After checking for covenants in the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) policy guide, you may be ready to contact an architect or do business with a window supplier that uses takes the advice of an architect. At American Cedar and Millwork, we are delighted to have Marvin Windows as part of our team. We work to have them collaborate with us, architects, and contractors to make sure we bring you the very best in historically accurate windows. Through Marvin Windows, we can get support every step of the way, with an architectural project manager, who can advise on your replacement or restoration.

Historic Windows That Will Stand the Test of Time


Your windows stand out and tell the story… revealing the style and character of your historic home. Please don’t leave it to chance and assume that any building supplier or window company can handle your window restoration or replacement. Lean on the experience of a company that’s worked with historic homeowners in the past.

We know what it’s like to have to worry about conforming to architectural covenants, neighborhood standards, and the desire to keep your distinctive home in excellent condition!

Do You Need Help With Your Historic Windows?

When you need help with a project that requires special treatment, including the replacement or restoration of historic windows, contact us at American Cedar and Millwork. We’ll walk with you through the entire process and put your mind at ease. Our project managers will be happy to meet with you and look forward to hearing about the work's scope.

Contact us today, and let’s get started on your new masterpiece!