Custom Cabinetry: Creative Kitchen Design

In Baltimore, any homeowner will tell you that decorating their home is where all the fun is--thanks to custom kitchen design.

Some Baltimore homeowners will tell you that the more they can fully customize their home, the better! You can walk through most Baltimore neighborhoods, and notice that each home is crafted with a distinct appearance, despite most of them being architecturally identical—almost a testament to the creativity and personality of the Baltimore residents, themselves.

When you take a look inside these homes, they are also likely to have a distinct personality of their own. Of course, most of the city’s kitchens are furnished with Wellborn cabinets provided by American Cedar and Millwork. As premier cabinet vendors in the Baltimore area, Wellborn Cabinet Inc. offers products that provide homeowners a wide variety of custom kitchen cabinets to choose from—because for any kitchen remodeling, you can’t underestimate how much personality the cabinets can bring to the table, counter, windows, floor, or even the doorway.

With a very specific focus on meeting the homeowners’ needs, Wellborn offers an additional program called, “You Draw It”. With “You Draw It”, full creativity is placed in the hands of the homeowner, encouraging everyone to push the creative boundaries in their kitchen cabinetry modification. From specific shapes, styles, and designs, to any other customization, Wellborn’s “You Draw It” program allows homeowners to add their own unique touch to their kitchen design.

When “You Draw It” is applied to the Premier series, homeowners are given full customization control of over 30,000 door styles, including an extensive selection of stains, paints, glaze, and finish technique options. With this kind of kitchen design flexibility, homeowners can combine traditional, transitional, and contemporary overlay door styling with their own personal creative touch—almost reminiscent to the different traditional and contemporary home decoration styles you’d see while walking through the Baltimore City neighborhoods.

Wellborn offers six product lines for homeowners to choose from. If you’re one of Baltimore’s many residents interested in personalizing all aspects of their home design, Wellborn Cabinets are there for you to express your creativity. From the free spirits, to the artistic souls, custom cabinetry from Wellborn is an option you won’t want to overlook in the kitchen remodeling process. Wellborn Cabinet Inc.’s “You Draw It”, program is dedicated to help Baltimore homeowners bring their custom cabinet concepts to life!

For any questions you may have, our team has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your building needs. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your question is—we’d love to hear from you!

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