Let the Light In: The Windows and Doors of 2020

We’re a few months into the new year and new design trends—whether fashion, technologies, or in this case, windows and doors—always present themselves at the beginning of the year. Debuting this season are creative ways to generate a new look for your home or update your current fixtures. 

Window Walls

Window walls, large expanses of glass that take the place of a former wall or multiple windows, give the impression of the natural world being closer, more present in your living area. Removing many panes and replacing them with one “wall” of a window enables you to transform a room, inviting in more natural light and enlarging the feel of the area. We offer beautiful window solutions for creating a highly visual aesthetic to any great stretch of space. 

Eco-Friendly Choices
Initiatives that are eco-friendly and purposed to reduce carbon footprints and waste have continued to take hold, with good reason. Windows that assert they are “locally harvested,” “certified sustainable,” “Energy Star,” and “low-E” are certainly viable options and should be considered wherever possible, as well as utilizing well-insulated options with enhanced thermal properties to increase energy efficiency. All are good for Mother Earth.

Black-Framed Windows
Popular for its defining contrast, black-framed windows have seen an uptick in popularity since more manufacturers have begun to offer these picture-perfect framed options. Touted as a statement piece and ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes, black-framed replacement windows are a singular way to demonstrate style and an eye for what’s on trend. 

Modern Fixed Picture Windows
On the other end of the spectrum are modern fixed picture windows, sprawling windows that procure even larger views with nominal framing. Floor-to-ceiling windows open up a room similar to window walls but still offer wall space in between for more definition. These replacement windows are timeless in design and offer a beauty that is unparalleled when you seek an understated way to add value to your home.

Colorful Doors
The door of your home is where you welcome visitors, where you make a first impression, where you offer defense against the elements—and it’s often an overlooked place for style and intrigue. Replacing your entryway door with a statement door is a way to set you home apart from your neighbors, creating a mood while also increasing energy efficiency and security with more durable materials and the latest locking mechanisms and systems. A stark black is a novice monochromatic color choice above the typical white or neutral beiges, but we’ve seen others choose colors that range from cherry red to sunny yellow to a cool, coastal blue. The options here are endless.

What window and door trends have you seen? Interested to learn more about our options or dream up your own? American Cedar & Millwork offers an extensive line of interior and exterior windows and doors and an expertise that is unequaled. To speak with one of our product experts to learn what is best for your needs, please contact us.