Millwork - Highlight Your Home's Beauty

The look of distinctive custom millwork sets your house apart from the others.  Millwork, by definition, is custom made to order.  Beautiful custom windows & doors can be the centerpiece of the home.  Your crown mouldings may be one of a kind.  Finishes like these define your custom home.

The Difference Between Millwork and Casework

You may be wondering what makes millwork so unique.  When we talk about carpentry done for a home, there are two types… millwork and casework. 

Casework is typically described as wood projects, storage, shelving, cabinetry, and the like, that you can buy ready-made. It’s not custom-made, either in size or form, and follows basic, standard measurements in its dimensions. It generally comes assembled or partially assembled and is less expensive than millwork.

Millwork, on the other hand, is any carpentry that is custom made.  It generally refers to custom windows & doors, trim, moulding, including crown moulding.  It might also include custom storage or cabinets, made to order according to the space available.

Custom Finishes Make the Difference

The look of custom millwork is unmistakable.  This one of a kind finishing touches stand out and complement your home's interior. At American Cedar & Millwork, we offer custom options to delight discerning  home builders who value the look and feel of quality millwork. 

Architectural Integrity
When building or reconstructing a historical building or home, matching the architectural style is so essential to maintaining the integrity of the building.  You don’t want to trust your finishes to just anyone.  Custom millwork will provide the authentic upscale interior for which you’re looking.  Architecturally correct windows,, decorative wainscoting, custom baseboards, and window trim… all these effects add up to the building's overall quality.

Millwork Packages or Individual Elements
It doesn’t matter if you need an individual custom piece or a complete millwork package.  American Cedar & Millwork has you covered either way.  We understand custom home builds and remodels, and we’re prepared to give you the best in customer service along with the highest quality millwork available.

Designers on Staff
If you’ve got a unique project you’re working on, stop by 1 of our 3 showrooms  and let our design staff help you with all your custom millwork needs.  We’ll be here to advise you and help you with your order.  Our specialists will be able to guide you as needed.

Custom Ceiling Treatments
Construct custom ceilings with a distinctive look, using wooden coffers and beams to bring character into the room.  These are suitable for bedrooms and living rooms alike.  Feel the drama as your ceilings come to life!

Our Promise to You
We want to invite you to stop by one of our showrooms and let our designers show you what’s possible when you build or remodel with custom millwork.  You’ll understand the difference and know what your clients want in their homes.  We convert houses to homes every day at American Cedar & Millwork!  

Each of our locations has a custom millwork team on hand for all of your building and remodeling needs.  Please don’t settle for run of the mill finishes… stop in and let us show you the world of millwork!