Inspiration In Custom Cabinets & Replacement For Your Kitchen

Wellborn's custom cabinets place full creativity in the homeowners’ hands.

So why not add custom cabinets to your kitchen?

If you’ve ever taken a drive through Severna Park, you’ve probably noticed changes in scenery as the geography differs. If you're a new resident familiarizing yourself with the area, inspiration might come from taking in the atmosphere—the kind of inspiration that you could apply to your home's decor. The Severna Park scenery creates an atmosphere that lets you know you’re in one of the beautiful communities of Anne Arundel County, so why not apply the beauty of it to your custom kitchen remodeling?

American Cedar and Millwork is proud to carry Wellborn Cabinets, one of our most sought after and trusted products. They have everything you could ask for in custom cabinets and cabinet hardware. Thanks to everything Wellborn Cabinets has to offer, from wood cabinets to  other high-quality cabinet materials, the "turning-a-house-into-a-home" stage becomes homeowners’ favorite part of remodeling their home.

The home improvement process can be the best part of purchasing a new home, especially if you can't wait to get rid of the existing cabinets that came with the house. With Wellborn Cabinets, your inspiration gets to shine, because we believe that homeowners deserve full creative control.

If you want your kitchen theme to capture a classic country feel, Wellborn's Select series has the Prairie Hickory and Prairie Maple collections, complete with stains and glazes to coat the wood veneer, allowing homeowners to design their kitchen doors and drawer fronts, just the way they want them to be. If your inspiration comes from one of the waterside neighborhoods of Severna Park, the Select series has Drift and Drift Slate, placing emphasis on the natural, slightly weathered finish on the cabinet doors, capturing a true nautical style. Even if you're looking to redesign your kitchen with a modern new-age twist, Wellborn's Premier series includes the Milan and Harmony collections that also provide seemingly endless custom cabinetry combinations, to add a modern feel to your cabinet doors and drawers. Wellborn Cabinets lets your inspiration shine when applying their well-crafted base cabinets, wall cabinets, floor cabinets, and upper cabinets.

Kitchen cabinetry is an important part of the home’s overall theme. Wherever your inspiration takes your design, you’ll need quality products. Wellborn Cabinets is known as "The essence of cabinetry" for a reason—making your new house a home. That's the beauty of pairing your own creative direction with quality millwork. When it comes to installing kitchen cabinets, its most important that you’re happy with the theme you’ve come up with. Our cabinet installers have seen a lot of creative designs and stain/finish combinations, compliments of Wellborn Cabinets and their stellar millwork.

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