Candelelight Cabinetry: The Hardwood Cabinetry Finishing Process

Ever wonder what makes Candlelight’s fine cabinetry so luxurious? Maybe it has something to do with the finishing process.

When it comes to fine cabinetry, Candlelight has some of the finest we’ve seen. At American Cedar & Millwork, we’ve worked with impressive cabinet designs and finishes, but there’s something about Candlelight’s finished cabinetry that stands out the most. Here, we will take a look inside Candlelight Cabinetry’s finishing process, to learn all about how their hardwood cabinetry products bring luxury to your kitchen and bathroom.

Wood Selection for your Cabinetry

To ensure a perfectly executed finish, it all stars with the wood. Candlelight selects “select” grade wood of the finest quality. For Candlelight's finished wood cabinetry, “select” is chosen from the best part of the tree with minimal character flaws. This gives the best options for color and grain uniformity.

White Wood Sanding

Once the right wood is chosen, it goes through a thorough sanding process. Starting with machine sanding, then individually sanded by hand on a bench one at a time. Each piece goes through this necessary process to achieve a true custom quality finish. All crossgrain marks are removed from the wood and a rich smooth finish is left.


An oil base wiping stain is carefully applied (by hand) to each wood item that Candlelight designs. Then each part is thoroughly hand-wiped and rubbed to bring out the rich beauty of their woods.

Sealer Application

Suspended from their conveyor line, each item passes through a sealer booth. At Candlelight, each part is individually sprayed with a heavy coat of their specially formulated sealer. This hand spraying process allows for an extra sealer, covering open end grains to ensure proper sealing.

Sealer Sanding

Once the wood is cooled off after the sealing process, each item is placed on their sealer sanding bench. During this process, each item is individually sanded until a silky, smooth texture is achieved—ensuring a quality Candlelight Cabinetry finish.

Application of Top Coat

The final step of Candlelight’s finishing process is what encourages homeowners to “Feel the Warm Glow of Candlelight.” Here, the final coat of conversion varnish is applied to the wood. This varnish gives the finished Candlelight Cabinetry product its smooth feel.

Don’t let the finishing process be the end of your exploration into Candlelight’s methods of designing luxurious cabinetry. Although they offer 85 custom color combinations to choose from, you’ll still enjoy the ability to create your own shade of paint, perfect for your fresh, new hardwood cabinets.

Custom colors

When it comes to Candlelight's Custom Color service, homeowners are given the freedom to express their individual style with a one-of-a-kind color palette for their brand new, finished kitchen cabinets. For homeowners who would rather get creative and design their own color, that works, too. In about three weeks, a sample color-match door will be provided for your approval.

When it comes to the hardwood cabinetry finishing process, Candlelight Cabinetry is known to craft the finest cabinetry around. Click here to visit Baltimore’s American Cedar & Millwork showroom for more products we have available for your next kitchen and bathroom remodeling.