Candlelight Cabinetry: New Trends for 2020

A new decade. American Cedar & Millwork welcomes you to 2020, where you can expect to see all the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry.

Last year, we saw stylish kitchen designs that brought impressive upgrades to homes throughout Millersville and its surrounding areas. From modern twists and lines to the return of pastel color schemes, Candlelight Cabinetry always has a way of bringing excitement to homeowners.

This month, we take a look at some kitchen cabinetry trends you can expect to become popular in 2020. When it comes to new and creative trends, Candlelight Cabinetry is always “the enlightened choice” in fine kitchen cabinetry—let’s see what kitchen cabinetry options Candlelight has for you in 2020.

Sleek Cabinetry

Sleek cabinetry brings a decorative but simplistic twist to the kitchen’s aesthetic. The decorative approach that sleek cabinets bring to your kitchen can be described as clean, simple, and minimalistic. But that doesn’t mean less storage space—in fact, the sleek cabinetry design allows for more storage space. With little-to-no extra decorative flair at the upper part of the cabinet, there is extra storage space available than cabinets with overly decorative upper-panels.

Warm Finishes

While white is popular, it’s not for everyone. The cool touches of metallic appliances often found in kitchens can be warmed by inviting colors with an organic feel. Walnut is a lovely choice with its linear grain and finishes that can vary from high gloss to clear lacquer. And we beg to differ when people say warm woods are outdated and stuffy—honeyed or yellow hues can be modern, clean, and classic, especially when utilized in a bright, airy kitchen or accented with a lively color scheme.

Fun Color Pops

If you’re looking for a little more vibrancy or personality in your kitchen, consider Candlelight Cabinetry’s colors outside of the more neutral shades of white, grey, and brown. You can choose from their selection of shades like Red Delicious, Blue Jay, Sagebrooke, and even Midnight Blue to make a statement. You can also create your own selection with Candlelight’s Custom Color Service. Submit a paint color from any paint manufacturer and they will be able to provide you with a sample for your approval.

Classic Style, Updated

Classic kitchens are timeless and stylish, enduring the trends that come and go. There is a reason people, time and again, choose to fashion their kitchens in a classic design. And while you may hear the word, “classic,” and think boring and bland, be assured there are plenty of ways to redefine the way you view this style. Typically featuring a neutral palette and simplified, unfussy lines and details, you could perhaps start with a white or cream finish color for the cabinets and choosing a door style with a flat or raised panel. Candlelight Cabinets have a variety of neutral tones and door types to choose from. Complement these with simple architectural details and a beautiful countertop and backsplash and you’ll have a kitchen you’ll be pleased to use for years to come.

When it comes to the fine kitchen cabinetry in the Maryland area, Candlelight Cabinetry is known to craft the finest cabinetry around. Click here to visit Baltimore’s American Cedar & Millwork showroom for more products or information for your next kitchen remodeling.