Therma-Tru Decorative Doors and Specialty Glass

Therma-Tru doors are known for being the leading entry door brand among professionals so it should be no shock that we carry them in our American Cedar & Millwork showroom in Raleigh, North Carolina. These well-engineered doors stand up the toughest climates, and are durable, dependable, and attractive, esteemed for parts that work together with a craftsmen’s precision. That being said, what we’d like to focus on are the ways Therma-Tru uses decorative and specialty glass to highlight the entryway to your home—with style, quality, and craftsmanship.

With a variety of options to choose from, from glass color and texture to shape and framing, an ideal outcome personalized to your taste and privacy needs is not hard to achieve.

Decorative Glass Designs

Therma-Tru offers more than 25 unique decorative glass families and multiple sidelite and transom configurations, giving you a variety of ways to convey beauty and light in your entryway. Each piece is like stained glass in that it is unique in its design, being handcrafted and tailored to your specifications.

Privacy and Textured Glass

Choose from varying levels of opacity to protect your privacy needs. Styling includes patterns, textures, and presentations that fall within the 8-10 level of opacity (as compared to clear glass’s level of 1). Options include Geometric, Satin Etch, Chord, Chinchilla, and Rainglass, and Granite.

Energy-Efficient Low-E Glass

We have several collections of Low-E (low emissivity, with regards to the reduced amount of heat transfer) coated glass that reflect the heat back into your home in the cooler months and reflect the sun’s rays off the glass, helping to keep your home cool in the warmer months.

EnLiten Flush-Glazed Designs

Welcome more natural light into your home with profiles that seamlessly fuse the indoors with the outdoors. These durable designs have larger daylight openings as well as up to a 16% increase in visible glass area compared to conventional competitors. Flush-glazed doors also offer better sound dampening, more energy efficiency, and can withstand higher winds than Lip-lite alternatives.

Divided Lites

Nuances can make or break the consistent feel of an overall design, and by coordinating your window grid patterns, you can be sure to complement your home’s architectural style and character. We offer simulated divided lites, grilles between glass, removable wood grilles, fixed grilles, simulated divided lites with grilles between glass to recreate flexibly in your design.

Internal Blinds

Internal blind are unobtrusively protected between two panes of tempered glass for greater safety and performance, while also being kid- and pet-friendly. Simple to use, these blinds also have built-in privacy bars that reduce glare while keeping prying eyes out.

Screen-Vented Sidelites

These innovative additions make ventilation a breeze! Vented sidelites use removable screens on small swinging doors to provide fresh air. Decorative glass options are also available.

Impact-Rated Glass

When you live in an area with high winds and coastal region codes and regulations, you need impact-rated glass that will withstand extreme weather conditions. This glass is designed to offer protection from the elements with specially laminated glass used specifically with Therma-Tru impact-rated doors and frames.

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