Make a Statement with a Distinctive Door

When a visitor approaches your home, the first thing they’ll notice is your front door. What will your entryway say about your home?  Will it be welcoming?  Will it show your sense of style and taste? Or will it be “just a door?” 

What’s Your Dream Door?

American Cedar and Millwork features many options for custom and unique doors. One of our favorites is Signature Door, Inc. They’ve been around since 1989. If you are looking for a beautiful custom front door made in the USA, look no further than Signature. If you can envision it, we can have it made for you. Fine detailing in wood and glass sets their creations far above the standard door. Bring elegance, warmth, and prestige to your home with a beautiful Signature door.

Add to the Value of Your Home

When you add a custom front door that is a unique expression of your home’s value, you can realize a return on investment when it’s time to sell your home and move. Even more importantly, you enjoy and appreciate your Signature Door every time you return home.

Signature Door Wood Door Series

In their Wood Door Series, Signature Door offers something for every discriminating buyer. Let’s look at the different options available…

Collection Wood Door Series

These doors are built to custom specifications and outfitted with custom glass options. They are perfect for the buyer or builder that does not have standard size doors or entryways.

Presidential Wood Door Series

These doors are crafted to fit standard size doors, sidelites, and transoms. They are available in several types of wood and glass style options.

SignaPine Wood Door Series

Constructed from Radiata Pine with engineered block core, these SignaPine doors are made to fit standard size doors, sidelites, and transoms.

Suredoor Weather Resistant Doors

Signature builds Suredoor Weather Resistant Doors to withstand harsh environments. You’ll find that they are constructed with an engineered wood overlay on the exterior. The proprietary wood technology that they use adds extra durability and stability in extreme environments. In fact, every Suredoor comes with a ten-year warranty against rotting or warping.
With a Suredoor, you don’t get durability at the expense of beauty. They offer dual finish doors, which have a tough, painted exterior surface and a beautiful stained interior. Both the exterior and interior finishes are available in a variety of colors.

You can control the design flexibility of your Suredoor. These doors are available in a variety of shapes, configurations, and sizes. Suredoors represent a custom door that is genuinely able to weather the storm!

Signature Doors Available at American Cedar & Millwork

If you’re in the market for a new front door  that makes a statement, visit us at any of our locations and experience the Signature door difference for yourself. Learn about the different styles and custom options available to you. Contact us today, and we’ll set you up for a consultation with one of our designers. They will show you how a Signature Door will set your home apart from the rest!