The Window Replacement Process

If you don’t have the slightest idea of what’s involved in replacing your windows, you’re in good company. Window replacement is something most folks only deal with once or twice during their life. Not only that, the technology changes rapidly, so if you had it done more than once, nobody would expect you to have the process memorized. Today, we get pro tips on what you should know when you're having your windows replaced by a full-service custom window company, such as American Cedar & Millwork.

Is It Necessary To Stay Home While Your Windows are Being Replaced?

You may feel more at ease if you can take some time off work, or at least work from home, during the installation process. Removing all the windows from your home can leave it quite exposed. Many people are more comfortable being there to oversee things. At American Cedar & Millwork, we are licensed and bonded, of course, but we welcome you to spend the time with us while we work if it is your wish!

How to Help the Process

When you are home with the workers who are replacing your windows, don’t hover. Keep your distance to avoid getting hurt by accident. Introduce yourself to the foreman and let him know where he can find you if they need you. After that, find a quiet place to be.

A day or two before the windows are to be replaced, call your contact person, and just check in to verify the date and time when they will be at your house. Leave written instructions for the workers if you have any special instructions, i.e., saving old windows for you.

When the Team Arrives on Day One to Replace Your Windows

When the Foreman arrives, walk through the house with him, and review each window. Typically, when they start work, one person will remove the windows, and the other person will bring in the new windows. The window replacement crew should have drop cloths down around your home. Before long, the workers will get in a groove, and you’ll sense the spirit of cooperation between them as windows are removed and installed. During Day One, they will get about ten windows done. A larger crew will get more done, of course. They will clean up and be back in the morning!

On Day Two, and Possibly Day Three

Your window installation crew should be there in the morning to continue removing and installing windows. Once the workers have removed all the windows, they will start installing the cladding or exterior trim on the windows. This cladding gives you a tight seal to protect against the weather. If you have an average-sized house, the team is usually done on the second day. If your home is relatively large, it may take a third day to finish up the cladding. After the installation, they will clean the house and test the windows.

Contact us For Help

If you need to have your windows replaced in your home, you can count on American Cedar & Millwork to do a beautiful job! Our variety of windows will amaze you, and we have something to fit every home! We have experienced window installers that know how to get the job done efficiently with little disruption to your home. Now that you understand the process, why not call us today, and make an appointment for an estimate?