Moulding That Breaks the Mold

It may not be the first thing that strikes you upon entering a room, but a feature such as moulding can subtly set a room apart, producing a high-end aesthetic with its attractive lines and beautiful design complements. We can create unique, premium-quality custom mouldings and feature an already vast collection of mouldings, each with their own style and details. 

Clean Lines 1 Moulding Collection

Contemporary and linear, our understated Clean Lines 1 Collection mouldings feature  crisp, clean lines (as the name indicates) and uncomplicated, without being lackluster. 

Clean Lines 2 Moulding Collection

Another option for clients desiring a modern, simple moulding approach. These mouldings are linear with angular slants and less ornamentation, featuring coves with angular terminations.

Craftsman Moulding Collection

As excess became less desirable and more of an emphasis was placed on man-made products versus machine-made, the Craftsman style became more of a mainstay. This collection is based on those style fundamentals, simple and classic..

Craftsman Expanded Collection

This collection expands on Craftsman and includes other styles such as Mission, Shaker, Arts and Crafts, and Prairie styles. Balanced, simplistic, and beautiful, these mouldings work well with modern as well as rustic treatments.

Coastal Moulding Collection

These mouldings evoke a laid-back, beachy inspired feel with bead boards, shadow gap board, coffered ceilings and doors trimmed in simple 1×4 with 5/4 x 5 headers and crown caps.

Vintage Industrial Moulding Collection

Rich, bold, edgy are some of the words used to describe this style. Contrasting colors and trims complement the clean lines and sharp angles of these mouldings.

Country Moulding Collection

These mouldings are a take on a farmhouse feel that is both traditional and modern. 

New Traditional Moulding Collection

This collection melds together the contemporary with the traditional, mixing clean lines with sloping curves and modern bevels.

Classic Colonial Moulding Collection

Uncluttered, symmetrical lines typically found in saltbox and Cape Cod-style homes, this collection was fashioned after the historic William Gibbes House in Charleston, South Carolina.

Classical Colonial Expanded Collection

This collection takes the Colonial style to the next level, with greater depth and choice in sizes, styles, and prices. Multiple other influences feature here (including Federal and Georgian).

Greek Revival Moulding Collection

Using more of an ellipse shape and less off the circle, these Greek Revival mouldings are understated yet ornamental, with flat faces to imitate stonework.

Greek Revival Expanded Collection

Reflecting the culture of Greek architecture and style, these embossed mouldings use Friezes, bed mould in cornice assemblies, echinus, portions of the ellipse, beak mould, fillets, and chamfers, as well as other design elements. 

Colonial Revival Moulding Collection

This collection is classic design with a markedly American feel. With roots in the earlier decades of 1900, these distinguished mouldings are a traditional interpretation of colonial style.

Colonial Revival Expanded Collection

These notable profiles are the result of the industrial revolution and its effects on millwork and manufacturing, where mills were able to combine several previously built-up mouldings into a single profile. 

Do any of these speak to you? We have the largest selection of high-quality mouldings but if you don’t happen to see what you’re looking for here, we can find it. And, if for some reason we can’t find what you’re envisioning, we’ll custom-mill it here. We are proud to offer a high degree of quality in our mouldings but also a high degree of client satisfaction. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure you’re satisfied with your experience with us from start to finish. 

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