Nichiha's Residential and Commercial Siding Trends of 2019

When it comes to residential and commercial siding trends, Nichiha siding options bring the best of both worlds.

This summer, the American Cedar & Millwork team has had the pleasure of applying siding installations all over Millersville, MD.  When it’s time for you think about applying new siding and trim to your home or commercial building, Maryland's millwork professionals are here to tell you about Nichiha Fiber Cement's siding designs and styles. From traditional to modern home trends, Nichiha Fiber Cement brings unique siding styles and vibrant siding colors that play a big part in the home siding trends of 2019:

Commercial Siding

commercial siding trends

When performance meets style; that’s when you know you’ve chosen the perfect siding for your commercial building. For commercial buildings designed with functionality in mind, fiber cement siding brings unmatched performance and durability, and comes with a built-in rainscreen to keep it’s vibrant appearance. With a variety of textures, finishes, and custom colors to choose from. From healthcare, to education, to office space to any mixed-use commercial space, Nichiha’s commercial siding has a way of making any building stand out.

Residential Siding

siding trends

For that true “This is home” feel, Nichiha’s residential siding applications are some of the most versatile, sustainable, and high-performing siding options available. From traditional to modern, there’s something for all homeowners and property owners to turn a living space into a home.

Traditional Siding

traditional siding trends

With timeless looks that are built to last, Nichiha brings traditional looks without having to worry about traditional maintenance. Fiber cement allows a classic looks without the classic rotting, warping, and pests.

Modern Siding

modern siding trends

With sleek looks, high-versatility, and definitively modern, distinctive panels compliment and define modern living spaces which allow for striking exterior designs. Whether it’s deep wood grooves or precise lines, Nichiha’s wall panels deliver the details that place modern home designs in high-demand.

Whether it’s for your home or business, this summer at American Cedar & Millwork, we’ve done it all throughout Millersville. And when it comes to Nichiha’s siding designs, it’s always a pleasure to apply quality siding installations to the communities we love. When it’s time for you think about new siding and trim for your home or commercial building, go with Maryland's millwork professionals. Click here to learn how we can service your home or commercial business.