Raleigh's Best Comes From TimberTech Decking

We know that the people of Raleigh, North Carolina love their deck parties when the weather is right—fortunately, Raleigh is no stranger to beautiful weather. 

But when the hot summer nights turn into crisp fall mornings, that means more rainfall and snowy winters are right around the corner, ready to take a toll on your deck.

If you’re a homeowner in Raleigh, you know there’s nothing like afternoons spent out on the deck with a few drinks, good food, and great friends, enjoying the beautiful North Carolina weather.  The last thing you want to look at is the beating your deck has taken throughout the year, because no one likes it when their weathered deck gets called out at the end-of-summer b-b-q. 

TimberTech Decking - Tigerwood Pecan Mix DayWe are American Cedar & Millwork, and when your deck needs an upgrade, products from TimberTech Decking is our go-to for all decking repairs. You won’t find better service or products in Raleigh NC. Next time your deck needs a tune-up; TimberTech Decking is the only brand you need. TimberTech has 4-sided capping deck boards that are protected from all sides that work to keep out the moisture that can seep into the bottom side—ensuring our boards outperform the competitors’.

TimberTech decking products do more than enough to make sure you have the proper deck boards for your home.  They are leaders of the industry, continually reinventing product lines and redefining entire product categories. TimberTech’s materials lead the alternative decking industry by utilizing processing technology and new product development. TimberTech is part of the CPG Building Products family, which includes AZEK Building Products.

When you need the best decking repairs available in Raleigh, NC, you’ll know American Cedar & Millwork, is here to make sure that you get the best products and services, and compliments on your beautiful decking products thanks to TimberTech.