Things to Consider When Replacing Your Home's Siding and Trim

When it comes to replacing your home's siding and trim, there might be a few things homeowners overlook before getting started.

IInstalling  new siding, unlike fresh landscaping or paint, is a long-term commitment. It can take homeowners months to decide on the materials, color, siding contractors, and time of year that works best to complete a siding installation. What some homeowners might not realize, is that making one wrong decision can lead to unnecessary stress  and a lot of wasted money.

To ensure you make good  decisions early in replacing your home's siding and trim, here are some siding questions worth thinking about, because at American Cedar & Millwork, we want to make sure homeowners get the best products and experience possible when it comes to selecting and installing siding and trim.

Repairs vs. New Installation

When considering your home's siding, the first decision you need to make is whether the siding material needs a simple repair, or if it needs to be replaced entirely. If your siding undergoes slight withering from minor hail damage, then a few repairs might be all it takes to look good as new. However, if the weathering creates cracks and other abrasions, water may have made its way underneath the siding, which will require the siding to be replaced.

Also take into consideration, how long it's been since the siding has been replaced. If it’s over three decades old, the material isn't as resilient and is prone to crack over time. Small repairs add up over time, and the older the siding material is, the more repairs you'll need in the future. Finding the perfect, matching color to the outdated siding could also be difficult.

When to Replace Your Siding

When working outdoors, moderate temperatures are  safest when it comes to siding replacement projects. It's best to plan your project during Fall or Spring--never in the height of Summer or Winter.

Choose Siding That Best Fits Your Home

When it comes to finding the right siding materials, homeowners have more options than ever. For some, it might be hard to choose which siding works best--so here are some options for you, compliments of NuCedar:

  • NuCedar Shingles

NuCedar Shingles accurately capture the natural beauty and charm of precisely tapered, re-squared, and rebutted cedar shingles. With no two shingles produced exactly the same, craftsmen are able to create the quilt-like patterns once only possible with natural cedar. Available in 13 traditional colors.

  • NuCedar Vertical Siding

Whether used as an accent or as cladding on an entire home, NuCedar Mills’ three vertical siding styles are designed to capture the historic character and rustic charm of architectural designs while offering an extended level of durability, low maintenance, and ease of installation. Available in 13 traditional color options.

  • NuCedar Classic Clapboard

NuCedar Classic Clapboard is the only siding products ever created to give your home the precise replication of beautifully finished cedar. Available in 13 traditional colors.

Choosing  Colors

One of the best investments you can make in your home, is in upgrading its appearance. New siding can transform the appearance of your home completely--and bring its curb appeal to a new level. But one of the things that make new siding so appealing, is its color.

Hiring a Professional

Replacing a home’s siding can be complicated. In fact, special tools and years of experience are usually needed to get the job done correctly and safely. Experienced siding contractors who are experts in  exterior renovations can handle everything  and transform your home’s exterior in no time!

When it comes to replacing the home's siding and trim, homeowners now know the details  to consider. But the next step is deciding which finely crafted exterior fits best for your home. NuCedar siding and trim brings durability and style--from cellular pvc shingles to various vertical siding designs, Raleigh, NC homeowners have the options they've been looking for.

So when the time comes for homeowners to replace their siding and trim, American Cedar & Millwork is here to provide advice and resources before starting a new re-siding project and also best in class materials like NuCedar, to ensure it’s a hassle-free experience that keeps homes in Raleigh, NC looking good. For more information click here.