Wellborn's 2019 Trends in Bathroom Cabinets and More

2018 is over, which means we are in for a new year of bathroom design trends. From bathroom cabinets to shower curtains, will these ideas make their way to your home in 2019?

At American Cedar and Millwork, we can't wait to show you what the New Year has in store for everyone! 2019 will be full of inspiration and creativity that Lewes, DE homeowners won’t want to miss out on. No matter what your style may be in bathroom cabinets or bathroom color palette, we can all be excited for big bathroom trends coming to Lewes, DE in 2019.  Wellborn Cabinetry has a wide range of door styles, finishes, and embellishments for you to choose from to make your new bathroom cabinets and decor top notch!

Black Décor
2019 is bringing boldness back to bathroom decor. Darker styles, specifically matte black fixtures, and onyx finishes are becoming more popular in vanities, mirrors, and other accessories. While it can be intimidating to incorporate darker tones, they often add the perfect pop of contrast to white or neutral color schemes.

Industrial Sinks and Vanities
The industrial look is a timeless, popular style that we'll be glad to see more of in 2019. Key elements of this look include metal finishes, wooden accents, and quirky tile patterns. Sinks and vanities in this style are modern and edgy, yet still classy- making them a great complement to many modern colors and fixtures.

Wood Accents
Wood has consistently been a go-to in home décor through the years. In 2019, with vintage and industrial concepts becoming trendy, wood is making a strong reemergence in bathroom design. With the expanding variety of finishes and shades of wooden bathroom fixtures, creative doors reopen to accommodate brass and gold accessories- both of which will be prominent features of bathroom design in the coming year.

Compact Storage Spaces/ Bathroom Cabinets
Minimalist design ideas will be another prevalent trend in 2019. Compact cabinets, shelves, and drawers will be stripped down and simplified. Minimalist design in your bathroom visually creates a stress-free and organized environment, turning the space into the soothing sanctuary that your bathroom should be. A non-cluttered bathroom with features like hidden cabinets and light-fixtures, wall-mounted shelving, and floating vanities will help you feel relaxed and organized.

Wellborn Bathroom Cabinets

Pops of Color
A simpler way to reinvigorate your bathroom space in the new year, bright pops of color will provide a fun twist within a monotone theme. Pops of colors on accent walls, floors, shower curtains, and bathroom cabinetry will be a fun concept to experiment within 2019.


Big Tubs/Open Showers
A master bathroom should live up to its name. Bathroom renovations in 2019 will be bigger and better than ever, channeling a spa-like atmosphere. Walk-in, open showers and huge freestanding tubs make for a luxurious bathroom area.  Homeowners can take advantage of the minimalistic trend to optimize space for these roomier features.

2019 is shaping up to bring great things to homeowners and designers. Here at American Cedar and Millwork, we are excited for the coming year; full of matte black finishes, color themes, and cabinetry. Thanks to 2019's up and coming trends, inspiration, and creativity will be at an all-time high when homeowners apply some of these bathroom décor trends coming soon. For some of the most reliable products in bathroom cabinets take a look at what Wellborn Cabinets has for homeowners in Lewes, DE by clicking here.