Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets: Classic vs. Modern

When it comes down to Classic vs Modern in kitchen decor ideas, Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets bring both styles to the table, for something truly unique.

If you’re a homeowner and can't decide between classic kitchen cabinets or modern kitchen cabinet design as part of your kitchen design, American Cedar & Millwork is here to break down some of the key style features of classic kitchens vs. modern kitchens, featuring Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets.

At American Cedar and Millwork, we know how creative homeowners like to get with their kitchen design ideas. For residents of Severna Park, MD time-tested craftsmanship and quality cabinetry is more than necessary for kitchen renovations. Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets are the most trusted brand in Severna Park when it comes to kitchen remodeling and interior design.

From kitchen and bath to custom cabinetry, homeowners like the variety that Wellborn brings to interior design. With so many designs and styles in kitchen cabinets to choose from, most homeowners would tell you that, before any design decisions are finalized, the big question always comes first...Classic or Modern?

Classic Kitchens

Timeless, warm, and welcoming is one of the most appealing elements of classic kitchen design. For homeowners, a classic aesthetic in the kitchen brings a true sense of comfort. Classic kitchen cabinet design places emphasis on natural materials, like timber and light wood.

Wood flooring and wood cabinets are essential in classic kitchen designs, and like water treatment services, they're a must have for the classic kitchen. To make the most out of your kitchen space, classic cabinetry styles provide simple, vertically-designed storage from the floor to the ceiling. Color schemes in classic kitchen design typically rely on neutral colors to emphasize natural sunlight. White kitchen features combined with light-to-gray tones create a relaxed and open kitchen space, because it's all about creating a true right-at-home feel.

Modern Kitchens

Sleek, clean, and smooth--modern kitchen design, keeps the hassle to a minimum. A fun kitchen-remodeling option, where the minimalistic cabinetry and no-handle designs add to the modern kitchen design's appeal.

The modern kitchen design aesthetic is all about creating an efficient, uncluttered kitchen space. Key features that draw homeowners to modern kitchen cabinets and design are: hidden storage space, integrated appliances, and simple drawers. High-glossy white cabinets, dark reflective counter tops, and mirrored/glass surfaces bring sophistication in your kitchen to a new level.

Severna Park homeowners have plenty to think about for their next kitchen remodeling. Whether they're new to the area and plan on turning their living space into their very own, or just want to add in a few upgrades for the New Year, Wellborn Cabinets are the way to go. American Cedar and Millwork is happy to supply Wellborn’s wide range of cabinetry, accessories, and inspiration to a home near you.