Our Favorite Window Trends Heading Into 2023

Every year brings new trends. Good, and bad. We wanted to highlight some of the trends we love and know that you will too. 

Whether you’re a home builder looking to wow your clients or a homeowner looking for the perfect home ideas, let these ideas inspire you.


Large Glass Profiles

From floor-to-ceiling windows to walls of glass, many modern homes are embracing the use of more glass and windows. This trend allows for an abundance of natural light and gives homeowners the ability to turn their home into a natural viewing experience. With the use of more glass, the home feels more open and it creates an experience that blends the indoors and outdoors. 


Uninterrupted Views

Homeowners don’t just want more windows or bigger ones, they want them to create an experience. This is hard to do with thick divided lites. Lites and window moulding have their place, but many modern homeowners are opting for clean lines and simple finishes to keep their views clear and uninterrupted.


Environmentally aware and energy-efficient windows

Sustainability and energy efficiency have become two major must-haves for homeowners. The construction of Net Zero homes is on the rise, and while many builders and homeowners aren’t there yet, they at least want to decrease their environmental footprint. Homeowners can decrease their footprint, reduce utility bills and improve their home’s comfort by owning energy-efficient windows and working with companies who employ sustainability practices. 


Unique spaces

Everyone wants their own special place. Whether it’s a nook or specialty windows for your sunroom, we all want a little space we can call our own.  With the help of unique and custom window designs, homeowners are able to create or elevate their special spaces throughout the home making them feel more comfortable, cozier or airy.


Smart technology

It wouldn’t be a modern trend list without the use of smart technology! Even when it comes to windows there is smart technology that can be utilized. Smart technology can help improve safety, security and energy efficiency for homeowners. Smart sensors can be used to ensure all windows are properly closed and locked. Smart tints can allow the owner to choose whether their glass is opaque or transparent. Homeowners can even control their curtains remotely. Smart technology allows this and so much more for homeowners. 


Create a One-of-a-Kind Home with the Right Windows

The unique use of windows allows one to create spaces, unlike any other home. It’s an important element in the design of a one-of-a-kind dream home. Are you looking to design something extraordinary? Do you want to remodel your home with modern trends?

Then find a premier window supplier who offers luxury windows and custom window solutions. They will be your partner in creating the perfect home design.