Elements of a Modern Home

Modern (and contemporary) architecture uses simple yet elegant concepts that come together to create stunning homes. Over the years, modern designs have grown to include practicality, functionality, and sustainability while maintaining their unique aesthetics. 

If you are looking to understand modern trends for your next residential home then you have come to the right place. We are going to tackle some of the most prominent elements of a modern home that make it a modern home. 

The difference between “contemporary” and “modern”

Before we dive into the elements of a modern home, it’s worth discussing the difference between contemporary homes and modern homes. While these terms are used interchangeably by many, they are technically different terms. Knowing the differences can be helpful in ensuring clarity when working with certain custom home builders or designers. 

Modern architecture is a style of design that started back in the 40’s. In recent years, these design concepts have been revitalized and have evolved to suit the needs of the modern homeowner. 

Contemporary designs on the other hand refer to the popular styles of the present day. These design concepts will continue to change and evolve as tastes, styles and preferences change over time. 

It’s important to know the difference so that there is clear communication in exactly what needs to be created. The honest truth of the matter is that most will use the terms interchangeably (at least for now). What homebuilders and homeowners want is to create something stunning that keeps with modern trends.

Today we are going to highlight certain modern elements that will help you achieve just that!


Characteristics and Elements of Modern Homes

Clean lines and curves

One of the most prominent features of a contemporary home is its sleek clean appearance. From top to bottom, you will see house designs with clean lines and geometric shapes. The use of intentional asymmetry with strong horizontal and vertical elements showcases the simple elegance of the home’s elements without distraction from unnecessary ornamentation and frills. 

Of course, you will still find unique pieces and ornamentation as accents throughout the home. But the overall aesthetic will be very clean and simple.


Simplicity through Quality Materials

From exterior to interior you will find that most of the home emphasizes clean lines and simplicity of design. On paper, this may sound boring, but the utilization of quality materials allows the craftsmanship of various elements to speak for itself.

Instead of feeling cluttered with overzealous details, homeowners and guests get to experience the elegance of the materials which turns simple into sophisticated.  

With minimalistic designs, people truly get to experience the beauty of the materials used. Whether it’s custom moulding, a granite countertop, custom wood designs, or perfectly designed glass, the craftsmanship of these elements shines.


Statement Pieces

The use of simple and minimalistic interior designs also allows for the use of unique statement pieces. A statement piece is a design element with the purpose of drawing attention as one walks into a room. These pieces allow a home to stand out from the other modern home designs and offer that eye-catching “wow” that owners can be proud of.  

They can be decorative elements such as a piece of art or serve a functional purpose such as a fireplace. Home builders can choose to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece as a “signature” of sorts, or one can be added to highlight the unique personality of the home. 


Extensive use of Glass and the Utilization of Natural Light

We are including these two design elements together because for many reasons they go hand in hand. Most modern homes use large windows and glass doors. This use of glass lends to the minimalist design concepts of modern homes, embraces the indoor-outdoor living concept that many value, and also offers maximum utilization of natural lighting. 

Natural lighting is a key element in design for aesthetic purposes, in some cases utilitarian reasons, and most importantly because it’s enjoyable. 

Natural light adds beauty and life to a home. It can also help shape how space in a home feels. When designing a modern home, one must understand how natural lighting will affect the overall look and feel of the home.


Smart Technology

What’s a modern home without the utilization of modern technology? Technology can help us enhance our lives and also create a more sustainable future. 

Homes that are equipped with smart devices and ease of use technology perform a number of beneficial functions including home comfort and safety. When using technology one must always think of the design of a home in addition to the functionality of each room and ask how the technology will enhance the homeowners’ lives. 


Energy-efficient and Eco-friendly Designs

More homes are being built with utilitarian efforts in mind. The designs of modern homes reflect the desire of homeowners, and homebuilders to lower their environmental impact. Many designs started off as solutions for environmental reasons but because of their amazing execution, they have also become design trends. 

Here are a few energy-efficient and eco-friendly trends we’ve seen in modern homes:

  • The use of sustainable, reclaimed or recycled materials in design elements
  • Strategic home orientations and layouts to improve energy efficiency
  • Higher quality appliances, windows and doors designed with energy efficiency in mind
  • Living walls and roofs
  • Smart technology and automated tools for temperature and lighting controls

There are many more eco-friendly design trends home builders are following and every year engineers and builders are coming up with even more unique designs.  


Creating Functional Spaces

The pandemic taught many of us the importance of enjoying our homes. Elegance is fantastic, but providing functional space that remains uniquely elegant helps create a perfect home. 

It takes creativity to maintain simplicity while offering functionality, but we have seen some amazing ways this has been accomplished. 

Builders can utilize flexible space such as built-in shelves or functional storage (like in a contemporary kitchen) to keep the home usable without cluttering it. Multipurpose furniture can be used to make the most out of an individual space.

Creating functional spaces takes finding unique solutions for how one intends on using their home. For example, using a multi slide glass door system will allow you to turn your kitchen into part of your outdoor dining space. Or one can create a book nook with custom windows (check out Skycove from Marvin). 


Modern Homes Highlight Beauty Through Simplicity

Regardless of which design trends are chosen or how functional spaces and statement pieces are used, it’s important for a modern home to emphasize the elegant balance of beauty and simplicity. 

It’s this balance that makes modern homes so aesthetically pleasing and popular among homeowners.