Baltimore Kitchen Remodeling Tips for 2019

2019 is here, and the team at American Cedar and Millwork couldn’t be more excited to get started working on your kitchen remodeling ideas for the new year.

Wellborn Cabinets is our #1 highly trusted kitchen cabinet brand that will ensure you get the most out of remodeling your kitchen. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering your kitchen re-design.

Kitchen Item Placement
Take into account where your kitchen items are stored, and if that’s the best placement. It’s best to keep bowls and breakfast foods near island space or bar where breakfast is normally prepared and enjoyed. Keeping plastic wraps, foil, and other containers near counter space, where leftovers are prepared for storage, keeps running around the kitchen to a minimum during post-meal cleanup. Wherever the dishwasher is installed, we recommend close-by cabinet space for easy unloading of dishware and flatware.

Walking Room
Walkways throughout your kitchen should be wide enough to comfortably get from the refrigerator to the food prep station, without catching any corners or pot handles on the stove. Clear and easy paths should be wide enough for at least one cook to work, but for more than one person working on the meal, it’s important that they have room between the island and counter space to work safe and efficient.

Microwave Height
When it comes to kid-friendly kitchen design, microwave height and location is sometimes overlooked. The microwave needs to be located where kids can easily access it, without the risk of climbing counter tops or standing up on chairs. For households without kids, it’s important to keep the microwave high enough off the counter space to not disrupt the food prep area. But with kids in the house, keeping the microwave on the countertop might be more suitable.

Functional Island
When homeowners install an island in their kitchen, make sure it’s fully functional. Islands provide extra counter and cabinet space for preparing meals and storage. If creating enough space for dining on the island, make sure it has enough separate space to accommodate food preparation and dining.

Counter Space
In kitchen renovation, homeowners can never install too much counter space. At the very least, there should be enough counter space on both sides of the stovetop and refrigerator. For kids in the household, it’s also important to have enough counter space near the microwave.

Safe Knife Storage
Have a designated spot for knives. This makes it easy to spot the right knife for a job and keeps dangerous items out of children's reach. A knife drawer such as this one has slots that hold knives in place and sheath the sharp blades.

Multiple Outlets
Outlets can be an overlooked feature in some kitchens. The number of outlets and where they are installed is a factor all homeowners should consider when remodeling their kitchen. The more outlets, the better these days--with so many appliances that have become staples in modern kitchens.

Light Colors For A Smaller Kitchen
In Baltimore, some kitchens might be on the smaller side. The use of lighter colors over darker colors brings out the natural light that comes in. Darker color schemes cast shadows over the space and make it less inviting. When it comes to kitchen design and remodeling, it's best to go with a color palette of soft shades on kitchen cabinets.

Here at American Cedar and Millwork, it's always a pleasure to provide Baltimore, MD with our services. We encourage homeowners to come out and visit our Baltimore showroom, where we feature some of the best brands in kitchen cabinetry. From Wellborn Cabinets to Candlelight Cabinetry, we carry the kind of kitchen cabinets that Baltimore homeowners love and trust. We highly recommend products from the Wellborn family, and their custom and semi-custom lines. In the New Year, expect us to be a helpful part of any kitchen remodeling project from start to finish. For more information click here.