Trends in Windows and Doors for 2019

With the New Year finally here, we know homeowners in Raleigh, NC are looking ahead to some exciting new trends for windows and doors in 2019.

If you’re considering installation or a replacement windows and doors in the near future, take it from us at American Cedar and Millwork--keep an eye on some of these great interior design styles to consider.

Modern Designs
Nothing makes a bold statement like modern designs. The minimalistic, geometric and dramatic styles push boundaries, while staying warm and approachable. Get eclectic by mixing up a neutral color palette, shapes, and materials to create a bold look and feel that will be playing a big role in living rooms throughout 2019.

Marvin's corner window selections make the most of panoramic views in the home, as a design focal point. Corner windows can elevate your home design to both the interior and exterior of your home. With maximized views and light coming from multiple angles, these windows are necessary for your modern design theme.

Large Windows
2019 is going to be the year where we see larger windows installed on homes. Large windows are not exactly modern, but a contemporary design that can create an airy, light-filled living space. With larger windows, homeowners will get to experience the glow of natural light and the way it lights up a room. We believe the future of windows and doors in 2019 is looking bright, any homeowner who installs large windows this year will know what we mean.

Marvin's Contemporary Studio collection is full of expansive glass that welcomes in the natural light that creates a strong connection to the surrounding environment. Clean lines and narrow frames complement contemporary architecture and décor, while the minimalist hardware adds detail in just the right proportions.

Natural Wood
Some homeowners may like a dark caramel finish and some might prefer more of a roasted honey finish, if you're a family that loves the beach, maybe you'd prefer a sand-tone finish. Either way, natural wood tones are going to be huge in 2019. Cozy and warm, natural wood finishes always create a warm and welcoming feel, while giving off a sense of classic style. Natural wood finish goes with most floor plans, not exclusive to just wooden flooring, as wooded window and door frames also work well with tile flooring.

Marvin's Ultimate Swinging Arch Top French Door is perfect for incorporating more natural wood into your home decor. With heightened elegance with graceful curves, these natural wood finish doors also have the strength and durability you would expect from Marvin Windows and Doors.

Playing With The Traditional
Some homeowners like to honor traditional designs, but also like to personalize. Why not embrace the traditional and make it your own? Playing around with different styles from classic, to mid-century modern is sure to result in interesting decor in 2019. In the new year, we will see more homeowners embrace the refined, contemporary styles of modern design, and mix it up with some elements of classic design their homes might already have, for a twist that creates easy and relaxed elegance. Playing with the traditional is one of the more creative approaches that we will see homeowners take in 2019.

Marvin's Specialty windows and doors combine state-of-the-art window design with a clean, classic, yet durable and versatile style. Add modern to your traditional decor already in place, for easy and creative home remodeling.

No matter what trend or style you’re interested in, Marvin Windows and Doors has every style and design to suit your needs. At American Cedar and Millwork, we are happy to provide the homeowners of Raleigh, NC with such a trusted brand with well-crafted products. We’re excited to see what 2019 brings in home decor, for more information about Marvin Windows and Doors, click here.