Building a Craftsman Style Home

The craftsman style home is making a huge comeback and is very popular today!  Popular in the early 1900s, the Arts and Crafts movement and how it affected home building is remarkable. This style is characterized by the use of local, natural materials. Original, simple forms and fine craftsmanship highlight function and beauty.

Some features of the craftsman home stand out and create interior and exterior design that is easily recognized. Let’s review some of the features you can add to your home to provide that craftsman feel.

Natural Flooring in the Craftsman Home

Natural stone and wood floor finishes feature in the craftsman look. However, you will see the appearance of traditional eastern style rugs (Turkish, Persian, or Indian) as accent pieces. If your budget can’t bear the natural floors, turn to these rugs, and use stone and wood in your furniture accents instead.

Abundant Built-Ins

The squared-off, angular look makes the built-ins distinctive in the craftsman home. Consider adding built-in bookcases, window seats, and sideboards. The beauty of these pieces prevails today and provides an excellent backdrop for other craftsman features.

Simple Lines

The craftsman design style can be easily identified by its simple lines and clean, crisp angles. The straight lines and squared-off corners add character and strength and give the home builder a chance to demonstrate their exceptional craftsmanship! You won’t find any ornate or intricate pieces in this style of home.

Uncomplicated Lighting

You won’t find crystal chandeliers in a craftsman home. Instead, you will notice an elegance in the straightforward, uncomplicated lighting provided with the style. The shapes remained square or rectangular. The materials consist of bronze, glass, and iron, designed to show strength and character once again.

Hand Crafted Tiles and Stained Glass

With an emphasis on natural light, stained glass allows simple ornamentation while bringing natural light into play. Whether placed in small areas for subtlety or in grand creations that make a real statement, the beauty of stained glass is a standard feature of the artisan home.

Handcrafted tiles are highly sought after and quite expensive, but they can pull the whole home together for those creating a craftsman home. A budget-friendly alternative can be found in reproduction tiles. Use a mixture of decorative and solid color tiles to create a look that’s inspired by nature.

A Central Fireplace

A fireplace, surrounded by stone or tiles in earth tones and topped with a heavy wooden mantel, serves as the centerpiece of the craftsman home. When built-ins are installed on either side of this magnificent fireplace, the look is complete!  Feeling at home and cozy in your beautiful artisan home makes all the effort worthwhile.

Help With Your Craftsman Home Plans

At American Cedar and Millwork, we specialize in building materials for custom home builders and their clients. If you are looking for something above the ordinary and perfect for your custom home, call us. Set up an appointment to come to our showroom and speak with our designers. We would love to help with your next custom home project.