Moulding Makes a Difference

When you design and build that one-of-a-kind distinctive home for your client, selecting the proper moulding can make a difference in the home’s presentation. At American Cedar and Millwork, we pride ourselves on carrying and creating the perfect moulding for your unique clients. They may have an overall style for the home, and if that’s the case… we’ve got just the right moulding to set the rooms off with stunning results! Let’s look at the variety that’s available to you and your clientele.

Classic Colonial Moulding

This style dates back to 1725 – 1820 and is steeped in history. Famous for its place in Cape Cod homes, Classic Colonial trim brings a beautiful symmetry and balance to the house. Our expanded Classic Colonial selection brings you more colonial favorites. You’ll enjoy viewing the choices that vary in size and style to suit your client's desires.

Colonial Revival Moulding

Reminiscent of the Classical Colonial styles, but popular in the 1920-1920 era, this moulding style is simple and distinctively American. Our expanded Colonial Revival collection features wainscoting, chair rails, and even picture moulds.

Clean Lines Trim

If your client tends towards minimalism, they will love these collections. Clean Lines gives you an up to date, linear look that’s simplistic. Your room is highlighted, and the trim tends to blend in. Clean Lines II gets even more simplistic, with its clean lines and angular trim styles, giving a real minimalist look to the room.

Craftsman Collection Moulding

Borrowed from the Arts and Crafts building era, you’ll love the look of the tall baseboards and clean, rectangular look of this trim. Our Craftsman Collection Expanded takes from not only the Arts and Crafts movement, but you’ll see shaker, mission, and prairie styles in it as well. This collection works well with rustic wall treatments, including the popular beadboard and shadow gap board wall surfaces.

Greek Revival Moulding

Going from simplistic to ornate, our Greek Revival Collection features works of art from the 1800s. The bold flat faces are meant to look like stone, and the trim is fancy and ornate. Our expanded Greek Revival Collection is very elaborate. You can expect a home to be complete with columns, and the moulding tends to be ornamental, down to the embossed mouldings.

Country Moulding Collection

Think farmhouse style. These simple, traditional mouldings create a beautiful cozy, casual atmosphere. It takes the charm of a 20th -century farmhouse, and adds a clean, modern look. Coastal Collection Trim With this style, your rooms will have an open, airy beach feel to them. They create a very laid-back vibe. You’ll feature beadboards and coffered ceilings, create a spacious coastal feel.

New Traditional Mouldings

Here, new meets old in this fantastic mix between traditional and modern. Rooms feel up to date and familiar at the same time!

Vintage Industrial Mouldings

If you’re going for a bold, edgy industrial look, then our Vintage Industrial Collection is where you’ll start looking. Rife with urban accents, Vintage Industrial style uses metal and wood, many times with dark trim. It’s common to skip the window treatments to show off the industrial trim!

We’ve Got the Right Collection for You!

Now that you know about all the moulding collections that we offer at American Cedar and Millwork, it’s time to set up an appointment to bring your client to one of our locations! We carry this fantastic collection at each of our stores, and we’d love to show it to you. Contact us today, and we’ll arrange for you to come to the showroom and speak with a consultant who’ll help you find just the right trim!