Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Once pumpkin spice season hits, you know it can’t be long before old man Winter
is on the scene. Practice some timely home care now so that you will stay cozy
and warm when the cold weather hits.

Check for Air Leaks in Your Home

Put this on your home maintenance do list. Check early enough to make repairs or
replacements, as necessary. Remember to check for drafts and cracks in weather
stripping or caulk around windows and doors. You may be able to repair or
replace the caulk or weather stripping. Leave yourself enough time to plan for
replacement doors and windows if desired. You’ll need to have time to order
materials and schedule installation before the weather turns colder.

Is Your Roof in Good Repair?

Arrange to have a fall roof inspection done before the elements come to call. It’s
essential to make sure there are no damaged or missing shingles. Once the snow
is on your roof, the melting process may cause leaks if your roof is not in good
repair. While you’re at it… check the seals around your chimney and vents. Make
sure none of the seals are broken. Water can sneak in through them as well.

Reverse Ceiling Fans in Your Home

Find the switch in your ceiling fans to reverse the direction in which the blades
spin. Get them spinning clockwise when the weather is cold. This will help them
to push hot air down! If your house has high ceilings, it will be much more
comfortable with your ceiling fans running backward.

Check Your Insulation

If you have adequate insulation in your home, it will stay cool in the summer and
nice and cozy warm in the winter. Newer homes are built with plenty of
insulation. But, if you live in an older home, having your insulation checked is a
great idea. You don’t want to strain the heating system, which can result in higher
heating costs. Don’t forget to check insulation in your crawlspace and attic, in
addition to your walls. Buying and installing an insulating blanket for your older
hot water heater will work wonders.

Is Your Outdoor Lighting Working Properly?

Dimly lit walkways are a safety issue in the winter season. Check your outdoor
lighting and your motion sensor lighting. Ensure that people can see where they
are going, minimizing and preventing falls when the driveways and walkways are

Install New Windows and Doors

You have a couple of options when it comes to making your doors and windows
less drafty. After you’ve checked the weatherstripping and caulk, you may want to
consider adding storm windows and doors to your home. Another option would
be to replace doors and windows with upgraded, energy-efficient replacements.
Even if you’ve got a historic home with custom windows, they can be replaced
and stay within the style of your home.

Help With Winterizing Your Home

When you hire a contractor to winterize your home, they may not have a supplier
to get custom home building supplies from. At American Cedar and Millwork, we
cater to contractors and home builders who have clients with distinctive or
custom homes that need supplies that are not readily available. We have a
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