Is Nichiha Siding Right for Your Next Build?

Are you planning a residential or commercial project and need siding? Have you heard about Nichiha siding and you’re wondering whether they will be a good choice for current or future projects? If so, we can tell you everything you need to know! 

At American Cedar, we’ve been offering quality building materials for over 30 years. We’ve worked with countless cladding manufacturers like Nichiha and want to help builders and contractors find exactly what they need. 

We will provide you with information on who they are, and the benefits of their products to help you understand if they are the right fit for your upcoming projects. 


Who is Nichiha and What is Cement Siding

Nichiha started in 1956 with the goal to use wood resources more efficiently. Since then, they’ve grown into a global brand focused on creating beautiful, environmentally conscious, and high-performing building materials for everyone. 

Now, over 65 years after their inception, they have become the leader in cement siding. No other cladding provider offers as many options, colors, textures and styles. They have been able to achieve this due to their unique fiber cement siding products. 

What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement products are created using a combination of Portland cement, wood fibers, and other materials. They allow manufacturers (like Nichiha) to create long-lasting, affordable materials that are versatile in styles. 

Because of its unique properties, fiber cement outperforms most other siding materials. Not only is it more durable and resistant to damages, but it can also mimic the look of other building materials. 

The outstanding performance combined with the versatility to provide whatever look the user wants has allowed fiber cement to become a favorite among homeowners and builders alike.

However, not all companies that offer cement siding are alike.


Benefits of using Nichiha Cement Products

Nichiha is one of many companies that uses fiber cement products. Each company has a slightly different formula and engineering process. Because of their unique processes, Nichiha products outperform the competition for many reasons.

Nichiha products are: 

Easy to Install

Builders, businesses and property owners love the ease with which these products can be installed. Nichiha’s unique clip installation system allows for easier installation, reducing construction time and minimizing mistakes. 

Durable and Low Maintenance

Homeowners get to enjoy their new siding for years to come with this durable construction. Generally speaking, cement siding is more resistant to extreme weather and even fire compared to traditional building materials. Nichiha siding, with its design, is also resistant to rotting, warping, and other nuisances such as pets. 

Helpful in Reducing Moisture Exposure

Every contractor and long-time property owner knows the damages moisture can cause. Nichiha uses a built-in AAMA approved rainscreen that protects walls from extreme weather and the elements reducing the risk of mold and damage to buildings. 

Flexible in Design with a broad range of colors and textures

Builders and homeowners can get the exact look they are going for without sacrificing performance with Nichiha’s large selection of textures, finishes, and colors. Nichiha offers textures and styles to match any other building material with a large number of color options to choose from.


Is Nichiha Right for Your Next Build?

Through their unique fiber cement and meticulous engineering, Nichiha gives you the look you want and the strength you need. They provide you with the power of possibilities to bring your vision to life.

Is Nichiha right for you? Well, that’s a question only you can answer. 

If you are looking for long-lasting performance and flexible design then check Nichiha out. They may offer just what you are looking for. 

Want to explore Nichiha more in-depth? Check out our color selection tool and explore the different siding colors and options available.