Trends in Patio Space: Why French Doors?

When it comes to the patio space in Millersville, French doors are making a big comeback.

Marvin Windows and Doors always bring high quality products to any home remodeling project. When it comes to patio space, Marvin's French doors are gaining considerable popularity within the world of home design. French doors are double hinged doors that lend full access to the width of their opening, and aside from strictly operating as sliding patio doors, they can also provide inswinging or outswinging doors--depending on the home's design.

Here is why we recommend French doors for your next home remodeling project:

Larger Appearance

French doors leading out to the patio can make the home look much larger. To create the illusion of a larger house, French doors open the space for a full view of the outdoors. With French doors, homeowners are still given a visible and uninterrupted view of the outdoors with the elegance and style of the French door.  French doors are also available in a variety of styles everything from craftsman to coastal and modern to traditional a French door exists to reflect your personal style.

Interior AND Exterior Doors

One of the best parts about French doors, is that homeowners can have them installed leading to their outdoor areas, or to another room indoors. They are a perfect solution for separating the living room from the dining room, without a tight or compact feeling. When applied to the patio space, French doors can turn the patio into an extension of the interior, bringing the outdoors inside.


Aside from how well French doors function, they are also aesthetically pleasing. With French doors installed in the home, the living space's decor is elevated to a different level of appeal. Some consider French doors as a high-class home upgrade--and rightfully so. With decorative and well-crafted doors, the home's value is instantly upgraded which increases the value of your home by adding a general appeal to your property.


Marvin Windows and Doors have a variety of French door designs, colors, and finishes, for homeowners to create a unique living space. From classic, to modern stylings, the versatility in design is part of what is bringing the French door designs back. With Marvin Windows and Doors, any homeowner can choose a design to make a home, truly theirs.

Natural Light 

French doors allow natural light to bring some sun into your home. Natural light is a perfect way to compliment your living space, while minimizing the need for electricity to light up the room. With all that sunlight let in by French doors, you'll brighten up the home without worrying about electricity costs.

For homeowners who are still deciding on what type of doors to install, Marvin's Ultimate Swinging French Doors are a modern classic. With an unmatched fit and finish, these doors combine traditional design and expert Marvin craftsmanship, with endless design combinations that will complement any space.

Marvin Windows and Doors prove why they are one of the most trusted brands around. When it comes to any home remodeling project, American Cedar and Millwork are here to provide Millersville homeowners with the quality products they deserve. For more quality designs and from Marvin Windows and Doors, click here.